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 1.   Title
2.   Objectives
3.   Membership

 4.   Subscriptions

 5.   Appointments

 6.   Umpire's reports
7.   Complaints
8.   Meetings
9.   Procedure at meetings

10.  Office bearers and Management Committee office bearers

11.  Committees
12.  Training and Examinations Committee

13.  Accounts
14.  Affiliated Associations and Bodies
15.  Uniforms
16.  Sponsorship
17.  Amendments to the Constitution
18.  Varying of by Laws

19.  Dissolution
20.  Vacant

By Law No. 1  (Membership)
By Law No. 2  (Administrator)

By Law No. 3  (Honorary Secretary)

By Law No. 4  (Public officer)

By Law No. 5  (Affiliated Associations)

By Law No. 6  (Association Uniforms)

By Law No. 7 (Sponsorships)




The name of the organisation shall be TASMANIAN CRICKET UMPIRES & SCORERS ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED (TCUSA Inc.), hereinafter referred to as “The Association”.




The objectives of the Association are;


a.   To assist Cricket Tasmania (CT) in enforcing and upholding a uniform interpretation of the Laws of Cricket and By-laws and to consider and adopt any policies and practices CT may promulgate and communicate to the TCUSA from time-to-time.

 The help members become more proficient and professional through education and examination.

c.    To cultivate good relationships with all parties both interested in and associated with the game of cricket.

d.   To encourage and assist in the formation of local umpiring associations with the invitation to affiliate with the Association.

e.    To carry on such activities to further the aims and objectives of the Association and its affiliates.

f.    To operate within the adopted Constitution of the Association.





a. There will be six (6) categories of Membership;


            1.     Life Membership.

            2.     Full Membership.

            3.     Provisional Membership.

            4.     Scorer Membership.

            5.     Junior Membership.

            6.     Honorary Membership.


b. Qualification for each category of membership shall be determined by the Management Committee and promulgated by By-Law N0. 1 in accordance with the provisions of Rule 18 of this Constitution.


c. Life, Full and Scorer Members shall have equal voting rights in the Association and shall be eligible to hold any office of the Association


d. Provisional members shall have equal voting rights in the Association but shall not be eligible to hold any office.


e. Junior members and Honorary members shall have no voting rights in the Association, nor shall they hold any office.


f. Each application for membership to the Association will be considered by the Management Committee who shall make an appropriate recommendation to the members for their consideration at the next Association meeting. Such approval shall be by ballot or show of hands and no person shall be elected to the Association unless three fourths (3/4) of the members present agree to it.


g. The Administrator shall inform each new member of the success or otherwise of their application and if appropriate, forward them a copy of the current Constitution.


h. Membership (except Life Membership) must be renewed annually.


i. No member shall be held to have resigned their membership until their resignation has been received in writing and accepted by the Management Committee.



a.  The Annual Subscription for membership shall be not less than two dollars and shall be determined by the Management Committee for the forthcoming season and approved by the members attending the Annual General Meeting.


b.  Annual subscriptions shall be paid, or an agreement with the Management Committee to pay the Association shall be in place, no later than seven (7) days prior to the commencement of the ensuing TCA season.


c.  No person shall be considered for appointment unless they are a fully paid up member of the Association in accordance with Rules 3, 4a and 4b.


d.  Should application for membership as a scorer in addition to any other category of membership be approved to the same person, no additional registration fee will apply beyond the current annual subscription of the higher of the two categories.










a.  The appointment of members of the Association or affiliated associations as umpires/scorers shall be the responsibility of the TCA Appointment Committee. A list of current financial members and any relevant information, shall be provided by the Administrator or in his absence, the Secretary.


b.  Should any umpire or scorer fail or refuse to officiate in a match to which he or she has been appointed, the member must make a satisfactory explanation to the Management Committee before that member shall be appointed to any further matches. If, in the view of the Management Committee, the explanation proves to be unsatisfactory the Committee has the power to enforce disciplinary action.


c.  No member of the Association, regarding their appointment to any match or grade, shall directly, indirectly or by implication attempt to influence:


a.  A member of the Appointment Committee

b.  A member of the TCA.

c.  The TCA Grade Committee.

d.  The Administrator of the Association.

e.  The Umpire’s Advisor.


Any attempt to do so is a breach of these rules and shall result in disciplinary action by the Management Committee.


It is expected that members commit to the TCUSA and make themselves available to umpire CTPL cricket in the first instance. In the absence of at CTPL appointment, a member is expected to advise the TCUSA of any external appointment they seek or are offered. If a member wishes to umpire elsewhere instead of being available for CTPL cricket, then the member is expected to formally request permission to do so.

Notwithstanding any of the above, it is expected that members provide and maintain their current availability information in the MyCricket system.

The TCUSA management committee will monitor the above and respond to any non-compliance as it sees fit.



An umpire shall provide a written match report or any other report as required by the Management Committee or the TCA.



a.  Any complaint by or against a member of the Association must be received in writing and forwarded to the Management Committee.


b.  Each complaint shall be dealt with by the Management Committee and, if necessary by appeal, referred to the TCA Board or their representatives whose decision shall be final.


c.  Any member who is guilty of misconduct during the progress of a match, or who is guilty of committing a breach of this Constitution or who is guilty of acting in a manner detrimental to the Association, shall be liable to a reprimand, a fine of no more than $100 to be paid to the Association, expulsion or suspension from the Association or be otherwise dealt with by the Management Committee.


d.  Any member accused of any of the above shall be given seven (7) days notice in writing of any charge that is to be brought against them, and if such member fails to appear before the Management Committee, the matter may be dealt with in their absence.


The Association shall hold the following meetings:


(1)  Annual General Meeting. (“AGM”)


The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held by the end of May in each year. Each member shall receive a minimum of seven (7) days notice in writing of such meetings. The regular business of the AGM, which shall take precedence over all other business shall be;


a.     Conformation of minutes of previous AGM.

b.     To receive the Annual report and the Hon. Treasurer’s financial statement together with the Association’s Audited Report.

c.     To elect Office Bearers in accordance with Rule 10.

d.     To appoint an Auditor.

e.     To conduct any other business of which notice has been given in conformity with the rules.


(2)  General Meetings (“GM”)


General meetings of the Association shall be held on a monthly basis from October to March inclusive, provided there are agenda items submitted from the general membership for discussion.  The order of Business at (GM’s) shall be:


a.     Apologies

b.     Conformation of previous GM minutes

c.     Correspondence

d.     Financial statement

e.     Administrator’s Report

f.      General business

g.     Training


The order of business may be altered by the President (Chair) for any reason deemed necessary.


(3)         Training Meetings (“TM”)


Training meetings shall be held prior to each round of TCA cricket to deal with all matters considered appropriate by the Advisor.


(4)      Special General Meetings (“SGM”)


Special meetings shall be convened:


a.     By the Management Committee

b.     On a requisition signed by no less than ten (10) members.

c.     By the Administrator.


The meeting shall be called on dates that will allow at least seven (7) days notice in writing. The business for which the meeting has been called shall be stated in the notice.


(5)     Quorum


A quorum at any AGM, GM or SGM’s shall consist of ten (10) Members holding full voting rights.


(6)     Absentee Voting


Absentee voting at any meeting shall be allowed at the discretion of the Management Committee, who shall advise the membership of all relevant details in writing, at least seven (7) days prior to such meeting.




1.  At all meetings of the Association the President will be Chairperson, or in that person’s absence the Vice-President, and in the event of both being absent then some other member will be elected from those present.


2.  Subject to the right of the Association to exclude all but members, any person may attend the meeting, but none but members will be allowed to speak without leave of the meeting.


3.  In dealing with correspondence that is tabled by the Secretary, every letter, after having been read, will be taken as formally received, unless the meeting otherwise decides,and every letter will be dealt with immediately after the contents have been made known to the meeting.


4.  Any member wishing to bring forward any motion other than a formal motion will forward particulars of the same to the Secretary seven (7) days prior to the date of the meeting at which the member wishes the matter to be considered. The Secretary will preserve particulars until after the motion has been decided.


5.  The Chairperson will preserve order and may at any time call to order any member deemed to be out of order; and when two (2) or more members rise to speak at the same time will decide which member is to be first heard.


6.  The Chairperson will have the authority to decide any point of order; and in case of doubt, the recognised parliamentary procedure will prevail.


7.  Any member may call the attention of the Chairperson to any other member being out of order, or to any point of order.


8.  Every point of order will be taken into consideration immediately upon it arising.


9.  A member may, without notice, move to dissent from the ruling of the Chairperson on a point of order and thereupon the business before the meeting will be suspended pending a decision on the question of dissent. The Chairperson will leave the chair and some other member will be appointed to act as Chairperson. Discussion on the motion of dissent will be confined to the mover and the Chairperson in reply, and after the matter has been decided by the meeting the Chairperson will resume the chair and the suspended business will be proceeded with.


10.  At all meetings of the Association the mode of voting will be on the voices or by a show of hands, except where otherwise specifically provided for, or by actual division.


11.  The Chairperson will put all questions in the affirmative, and then in the negative, and may do so as often as necessary to determine the majority opinion of the meeting. Thereupon the Chairperson will declare a decision, which will be final unless a division of ballot is called for.


12.  The Chairperson will have the right to vote on any motion and where the voting is equal, will have, in addition to an ordinary vote, a casting vote, which must be exercised to determine the motion.


13.  No motion will be discussed until it is seconded, and when seconded will not be withdrawn without consent of the seconder.


14.  No notice of motion, which has been entered on the business paper, will be proceeded with in the absence of the member by whom the notice has been given, unless some other member produces a written authority for that purpose from the first-named member. In this case the other member will be allowed to move the motion.


15.  When a motion has been moved and seconded any member will be at liberty to move an amendment thereon. The amended motion will not be discussed until it is seconded.


16.  No second amendments will be taken into consideration until the previous amendment has been dealt with.


17.  If an amendment is carried, the motion as thereby amended will become the motion before the meeting, whereupon any other amendments upon it may be moved.


18.  If an amendment, either upon the original motion or upon any amended motion, is negated, then a further amendment (if not to the same effect as that already negated) may be moved to the motion to which the first-named amendment was moved, and so on. No more than one (1) amendment and one (1) proposed amendment would be put before the meeting at any one time.


19.  No member will speak more than once on the same motion unless in explanation, and then only with the permission of the Chairperson. Provided always that any member having previously spoken on the original motion will be entitled to speak more than once on each amendment, and the mover of the original motion will have the right of final reply.


20.  No member will speak upon any motion or amendment for a longer period than five (5) minutes without the consent of the Chairperson.


21.  No member will make any offensive personal reflection upon or impute any improper motives to any other member. Any member so offending will, upon being required by the Chairperson, immediately withdraw the offensive expressions and retract the imputations of improper motives, and make an apology which is satisfactory to the meeting. Any member refusing to withdraw the offensive expressions or imputations will not be allowed to further address the chair at that or any other meeting of the Association until the member has complied with the requirement, nor will the member’s vote be recorded upon any motion.


22.  No motion for adjournment will be proposed or seconded by any member who has spoken on the motion before the meeting, or who has moved or seconded or spoken on any amendment whilst any such motion or amendment is under discussion.


23.  No motion to rescind any decision of the Association will be entertained except where it is included in the Agenda of the meeting.


24.  A notice of motion which has been negated or which has the same effect as a previously negated motion will not again be brought before the Association until the expiration of three (3) months from the date that the motion was negated.


25.  Should any meeting lapse or be adjourned for any cause whatsoever any business which was on the agenda at the meeting so lapsed or adjourned will take precedence over any business at the next meeting.


26.  Motions for which notice has not been given can only be discussed or voted upon with the sanction of a majority of the members present.


27.  If any matter is deemed so urgent by three fourths (3/4) of the members present at any meeting, it will be mandatory for the Chairperson to suspend all rules for the purpose of determining that matter forthwith.



At the AGM, the following Management Committee Office Bearers and members to total ten (10) people shall be elected in accordance with the following composition.


1.         President

2.         Vice President

3.         Honorary Treasurer

4.         Honorary Secretary


and up to six (6) other members.  At all times the Committee shall comprise no less that seven (7) elected members.


Management Committee members shall be elected for a period of two (2) years. In odd years the President, Hon Treasurer and up to three (3) committee members shall be elected and in even years the Vice President, Hon Secretary and three (3) committee members.


Management Committee


1.  The Management Committee (“the Committee”) shall carry out the duties and exercise the powers as provided for in these rules and By-Laws of the Association and deal with such other matters referred to it by the Association.  The Management Committee shall be in accordance with Rule 9.


The Committee may appoint an Administrator for such a period of time and at a remuneration as the Committee sees fit. Any such remuneration shall be provided by the TCA and not from the Association’s own funds. The Committee may terminate such a position at any time, in which case, the Honorary Secretary shall assume responsibility for the position. The duties of the Administrator shall be as per By Law 2 or as directed by the Management Committee. The Administrator shall be considered a non-voting member of the Management Committee.


The TCA appointed Umpire’s Advisor shall attend appropriate Management Committee meetings but shall not be eligible to vote.


2.  The Committee shall appoint an Examination and Training Committee in accordance with Clause 12 of the Constitution.


3.  The Committee shall consider all applications for membership of the Association.


4.  The Committee may recommend the appointment of a Patron for the members to endorse.


5.   The Committee may establish any standing sub-committee in accordance with the By Laws of the Association.


6.   Meetings of the Committee shall be held and conducted in accordance with Standing Orders.


7.  Any member(s) of the Management Committee absenting themselves without leave from the Committee for three (3) meetings, or, being generally unavailable for a period of time as to significantly inconvenience the Committee’s ability to function efficiently, will forfeit their seat on the Committee. The Committee will thereupon appoint another member in their place until the next AGM at which time, the members shall, if appropriate, elect a new member.


8.  The Management Committee shall meet at times and places as may be determined necessary.


9.  Special meetings of the Management Committee may be summoned:


            a.  By the Administrator on receipt of a written requisition duly signed by any two (2) members of the Committee, or

            b.  If in the opinion of the Administrator a meeting of the Management Committee is necessary.


10.  A Quorum at any meeting of the Committee shall consist of 50% of the total Committee membership plus one.


11.  The Committee will attend to all business arising from the Association. Minutes of Committee meetings may be made available to members within twenty-one (21) days of each Committee meeting. If a member wishes to move a motion dissenting from a decision of the Committee it must be forwarded to the Administrator at least ten (10) days before the next meeting for distribution as part of the agenda.


12.  The Committee has the power to order any members to present themselves to:


            a.  The Management Committee to answer complaints (refer Rule 7)

            b.  The Examination and Training Committee for examination; or

            c.  To co-opt additional members to any committee appointed to benefit the Association.


13.  Each year the Management Committee will recognise the efforts of particular members by presenting to those members, at an appropriate Association function, various perpetual trophies and other awards, for umpiring performance, for services to the Association, or for other reasons determined by the Management Committee.




1.  The Committee will consist of the TCA appointed Advisor and member(s) appointed in consultation with the Management Committee.


2.  The Committee will meet at such time and place as may be determined.


3.  Special meetings of the Committee will be summoned:

            a.  By the Advisor

            b.  By the Management Committee as deemed necessary.


4.  A quorum at any meeting of the Committee will consist of two (2) members.


5.  The Committee will be under the leadership of the Advisor and;

            a.  Be responsible for the training of new members.

            b.  Set examination papers.

            c.  Play an active role with the professional development of all TCUSA members; and

            d.  Ensure that the relevant officers of the Association are currently informed as to the relevant status of all TCUSA members with regard to their qualifications.




a.  All accounts shall be submitted to and authorised by the Management Committee before payment.


b.  Two members of the Management Committee will sign all cheques.


c.  The financial year will end on the 30th April each year.


d.  The accounts of the Association shall be audited prior to the AGM. The report of the audit shall be available to members at the AGM.




Any properly constituted Cricket Umpires Association or properly formed body of umpires or scorers within a properly constituted Association in Tasmania shall be eligible for affiliation with the Association in accordance with the By-laws of the Association.



The official uniform of the Association shall be as set out in the By-laws of the Association.








1.  The Management Committee may accept a sponsorship deal with one or more corporations, businesses or individuals, provided such sponsorship is approved by the TCA and conforms to the By-laws of the Association.


2.  No member shall be entitled to display any personal or other sponsorship logo or emblem other than in accordance with the By-laws of the Association.




No part of this Constitution can be amended, repealed or altered or any additions adopted unless a resolution to do so is carried by  majority of members present at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.




The Management Committee shall have the power to make, alter or repeal By Laws for the implementation of this Constitution, provided that such By Laws are not inconsistent with any existing Rule or resolution of the Association.



The Association shall not be dissolved unless a resolution to do so is carried by a three-fourths (3/4) majority of members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.



BY LAW No. 1



Qualification for each category of membership set out in rule 3 of the Constitution of the Association shall be as follows:



Financial members of the TCUSA may nominate any person for Life Membership of the Association.  Persons so nominated must have been a member for a minimum of ten (10) years and meet at least two of the following four criterion;


      a.   Provided outstanding Service on a committee of the Association for a minimum of five (5) years;

      b.   Provided outstanding Service to the Association, in some capacity other than committee service, for a minimum of five (5) years;

      c.   Through their activities, brought credit to the Association and its work for a minimum of five (5) years;

      d.   As a TCUSA member, umpired or scored in 300 matches conducted under the auspices of Cricket Tasmania and/or Cricket Australia.


Nominations outlining the case for Life Membership must be provided in writing to the TCUSA Management Committee by end of February each year.  Should the Management Committee agree that a nomination submitted to it is appropriate, it is required to provide the details in writing to Association members and recommend the nominee for Life Membership at a Special General Meeting (SGM).  The SGM is to be held at least two weeks prior to the TCUSA Annual Dinner each year.


The nominee will be awarded Life Membership provided: (1) the required quorum is present at the SGM; and (2), two-thirds of members of those present indicate their approval via a secret vote conducted at that meeting.


To be eligible for Full Membership a person must:


a.  Be a Provisional Member who has officiated in a minimum of eight (8) matches under the auspices of the TCA to the satisfaction of the Examination Committee and/or the Management Committee since being admitted to membership of the Association.


b.  Election to full membership shall occur at the Annual General Meeting of the Association or at such time as the Management Committee deems appropriate.

c.  Membership period begins 1st of October of each year and concludes on the 30th of September the following year



To be eligible for Provisional Membership, a person must:

a.  Pass an examination conducted or approved by the Association at the required level.


b.  Satisfy the Management Committee that their general qualifications and capabilities demonstrate their ability to act in an officiating capacity.



To be eligible for Scorer Membership, a person must:


a.  Satisfy the Examination Committee that they possess sufficient knowledge of scoring requirements and the relevant Laws of Cricket.


b.  Satisfy the Management Committee that their general qualifications and capabilities are consistent with being able to act in an officiating capacity.


A junior member is one who has satisfied the Examination Committee that they possess sufficient knowledge of the game and the Laws of Cricket but has not attained the age of sixteen (16) years at the commencement of a season. A junior member shall be entitled to attend and participate in all meetings of the Association but not vote or hold a Management Committee position.  Appointment to matches will be at the discretion of the Umpires Advisor in consultation with the Appointment Committee



A person may be granted Honorary Membership by the Management Committee on receipt of evidence that the nominee is deemed to support and   promote the Association, or in some way act on its behalf. Honorary Membership shall be for a period determined by the Management Committee but shall not exceed twelve (12) months at any one time.  Honorary Membership may be renewed at the discretion of the Management Committee.











BY LAW No. 2



a.  To control the clerical work of the Association and to carry out all directions given by the Management Committee or by the direction of the Annual General Meeting.


b.  To keep a record of the names and addresses of all office-bearers and Association members.


c.  To manage the finances of the Association in conjunction with the Honorary Treasurer and to present financial reports to meetings of the Management Committee.


d.  To keep such further books and registers as the Association may from time to time determine.


BY LAW No. 3



a.     To keep the minutes of all Association meetings.


b.     To take direction from the Management Committee and Administrator and act accordingly.


BY LAW No. 4



a.  The Public Officer shall be appointed by the Management Committee each year.


b.  The duties of the Public Officer shall be as prescribed in Section 14 of the Associations Incorporation Act 1964.


BY LAW No. 5



a.  Any properly constituted Cricket Association or properly formed body of umpires shall be eligible for affiliation with the Association. They will be affiliated without representation upon payment of a subscription determined by the Management Committee and will be valid until the commencement of the next season following receipt of payment


b.  Each application must be made in writing to the Management Committee who shall have the power to reject any application and to cancel the affiliation of any association or body for any reason deemed appropriate. Any association or body so disaffiliated may appeal such a decision to the TCA Appeals Committee whose decision shall be final.


c.  Members of an affiliated association or body shall be eligible to the same resources available to TCUSA members subject to the Management Committee deeming otherwise.


d.  Members of any affiliated association or body may be eligible to be appointed to TCA grade matches as deemed appropriate by their own advisors and the TCA appointed State Director of Umpiring.


e.  All information consistent with cricket matters in Tasmania shall be distributed by the TCUSA to any affiliated association or body as deemed appropriate.










BY LAW No. 6



a.  The official uniform of the association shall be recommended by the Management Committee for approval by the members.  Henceforth, all members shall attire themselves appropriately.


b.  The Management Committee shall determine the wearing of a badge or logo indicating a sponsor of the Association.


c.  No member may wear a distinguishing badge or logo indicating a personal or private sponsorship.


 BY LAW No. 7



a.  The official uniform of the association shall be recommended by the Management Committee for approval by the members.  Henceforth, all members shall attire themselves appropriately.


b.  The Management Committee shall determine the wearing of a badge or logo indicating a sponsor of the Association.


c.  No member may wear a distinguishing badge or logo indicating a personal or private sponsorship.