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Hazel’s career as a scorer followed that of son Keith. When Keith was playing in Campbell Street School grade 3 team, Hazel was scoring. She followed him through the primary grades and when Keith started High School she scored for his teams along the way. As a schoolboy Keith started with New Town third grade where Hazel followed with book and pencil. She followed Keith through to first grade with New Town. During these times she often worked night shifts as a nurse before turning up to score for her team.
Keith was a very good batsman, brilliant fielder and a useful medium pace trundler. These attributes saw him included in the Tasmanian Team. Hazel’s skills with scoring led to her becoming the State Scorer. Her greatest regret in 2002 was that she could not account for one delivery in the Shield and One day matches she scored the previous season.
Hazel was a prime mover in getting Scorers to join the Umpires’ Association, maintaining the relationship between umpires and scorers was very important. She was supported in this by the then President of the Association, Graeme Hamley. Hazel was also involved in this stage with training scorers.
Hazel was known widely for her keen wit, and it is told that visiting players and officials appreciated her repartee while still acknowledging her scoring skills.

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April 2016

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           Australia v Pakistan - (2nd Test) - November 1995   

           Australia v New Zealand - (3rd Test) - November 1997  

           Australia v Pakistan - (2nd Test) - November 1999   

           Australia v New Zealand - (2nd Test) - November 2001  

           Australia v West Indies - (2nd Test) - November 2005  
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  The following story was published in the Association's newsletter soon after the Hazell's death in June 2011





Long-serving TCUSA member Hazell Bradshaw, who retired at the end of the 2006-07 after thirty years in the score box, passed away unexpectedly in Hobart at the weekend.  Bradshaw, who was made a Life Member of the Association three years ago in acknowledgement of her significant contribution to cricket at all levels of the game (E-News 215-1192, 21 March 2008), set the bar on the high standards that now apply to scoring matches in Tasmania.


Hazell commenced her scoring career in the late 1970s when her eldest son Keith, who is now the Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), started playing the game in High School.  A few years later he joined the New Town club in the Tasmanian Cricket Association's Third Grade competition and Hazell joined him there, moving up to First Grade as Keith's career progressed.  


Keith was later selected to join the ranks of first-class cricketers, playing 25 games for Tasmania over a four-year period, but Hazell spent three decades with New Town which honoured her long service there by naming the scorer's room at their ground after her.  Hazell commenced scoring in interstate matches during the 1990-91 season, going on to record the details of almost 90 games at that level over 16 years in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport; and in 18 One Day Internationals and five Test Matches at Bellerive.  


When asked several years ago by E-News to name some of her favourite moments in what was a memorable career the stories came thick and fast.  


She talked about watching players like Adam Gilchrist, Justin Langer, Ricky Ponting and Tom Moody scoring large totals very quickly ("it was awkward to keep up with the figures on the score sheet", said Hazell); to trying to figure out which West Indian was responsible for a 'run out' where three players had the ball before the wicket was broken (she asked them at lunch); to the day Tasmanian Dan Marsh put a ball through the old score box window at Bellerive in a one-day domestic game.  Marsh later presented her with a trophy on which the ball was mounted and in the following fixture Hazell was seen on TV wearing a helmet!  


No doubt her proudest moment in cricket was when son Keith took up his MCC position in October 2006, the first non-Englishman in the then 219 year history of that club to do so.  Keith is flying from England to join his brother Anthony and her husband to attend her funeral.  Details of her farewell have not yet been announced.


State Director of Umpiring Richard Widows paid tribute to Hazell when her TCUSA Life Membership award was announced saying then, in words that are also appropriate to mark her passing, that "such dedicated service, performed with her own delightful brand of wit and humour will be remembered with gratitude, respect and not least, affection".

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