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E-NEWS NUMBER 10, 1 March 2007



Cricket Australia (CA) has moved to fill the National Umpire Manager position recommended in the recent review of umpiring arrangements (E-News Number 9 of 25 February).  CA's advertisement says that the position, which reports to the General Manager of Cricket Operations, is "charged with the management and leadership of umpiring in Australian cricket, including high performance umpiring, management of contracted umpires, and the development and education of umpires within Australia".  Those applying for the Melbourne-based position are "likely to possess: a knowledge of Australian cricket; demonstrated understanding of elite sport; outstanding leadership, communication and presentation skills; proven ability in managing a business unit; an ability to build and manage relationships with a large variety of stakeholders; and appropriate tertiary qualifications".  Previous umpiring experience is not a prerequisite.  Applications for the position close next Monday, 5 March.




Weather permitting, Susan Villanueva will make her Second Grade umpiring debut in the match between Kingborough and Newtown at Kingston on 3 March.  Susan, who works with Red Cross Australia, joined the TCUSA's umpiring ranks at the start of the 2003-04 season and has stood in nearly 80 games in the four seasons since. According to Graeme Hamley's records Susan is one of only five females to have stood as a TCUSA umpire over the last quarter-of-a-century.  Susan will be standing with David Gainsford on Saturday.  Good luck and enjoy Susan! 




The final Training-Appointments meeting for the season will be held on Wednesday, 14 March.  Following the meeting Pizzas and other nibbles and drinks will be provided by the Social Committee (Penny Paterson and Alistair Scott).




The Association's Annual Dinner will be held in the Century Room at Bellerive on Wednesday, 28 March.  This year's function will be a 'sit down' meal consisting of an entree, a choice of one of two main courses, sweets and coffee.  Cost for the evening is just $40, which includes all drinks, as the Association will be providing a substantial subsidy to cover overall costs.  Those planning to attend are requested to return the form provided at last night's Training-Appointments meeting to Graeme Hamley by Friday, 23 March.



E-NEWS NUMBER 11, 3 March 2007



All TCA Grade matches scheduled for turf wickets this Saturday and Sunday have been cancelled due to the various councils closing the grounds because of the recent inclement weather.  First, Second, Third Grade and Under 17 matches will revert to one day games next weekend.




The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the umpires for World Cup warm up games which commence next Monday (unfortunately no details of scorers are available at this time).  Four Australian umpires are in the mix (Steve Davis, Darryl Haper, Peter Parker and Simon Taufel), and each has been assigned to two games in the warm up series.  In determining which umpires will stand in each game, the ICC says that it applies the following criteria and considerations:  (1) Independent of the countries involved in the match/series: (2) The best available umpires for the match/series; (3) Better performing umpires are used more often; (4) the frequency with which individuals are appointed to the same teams: and (5) Workload considerations.  The appointments for next week are as follows: Monday, 5 March:  West Indies v Kenya -  Billy Bowden (NZ) and Brian Jerling (SAf);  England v Bermuda -  Rudi Koertzen (SAf) and Tony Hill (NZ);  South Africa v Ireland - Aleem Dar (Pak) and Peter Parker (Aus) ; Sri Lanka v Scotland - Simon Taufel (Aus) and Ian Howell (SAf).  Tuesday, 6 March:  India v The Netherlands - Steve Bucknor (WI) and Asoka de Silva (SrL);  Australia v Zimbabwe - Asad Rauf (Ind) and Billy Doctrove (WI);  Pakistan v Canada - Daryl Harper (Aus) and Ian Gould (Eng);  New Zealand v Bangladesh - Mark Benson (Eng) and Steve Davis (Aus).  Thursday, 8 March:  Kenya v The Netherlands - Billy Bowden (NZ) and Steve Bucknor (WI);  Zimbabwe v Bermuda - Rudi Koertzen (SAf) and Asad Rauf (Ind); Ireland v Canada - Aleem Dar (Pak) and Daryl Harper (Aus);  Scotland v Bangladesh - Simon Taufel (Aus) and Mark Benson (Eng).  Friday, 9 March:  India v West Indies - Brian Jerling (SAf) and Asoka de Silva (SrL);  Australia v England - Norman Malcolm (WI) and Tony Hill (NZ);  Pakistan v South Africa - Ian Gould (Eng) and Peter Parker (Aus);  New Zealand v Sri Lanka - Steve Davis (Aus) and Ian Howell (SAf).



E-NEWS NUMBER 12, 7 March 2007



TCUSA members will have the opportunity to cast their vote for the 'Alan Powell Trophy' at next Wednesday's Training-Appointments meeting.  The award, which is named for Association Life Member the late Allan Powell, will be presented at the Annual Dinner on 28 March to the person members judge contributed significantly to the Association's activities over the past 12 months.  Alan was active with the Association for many years serving as President for two seasons, Vice President for four and was the TCUSA's Umpires' Advisor for nine seasons during the 1980s.  On the field in the early 1980s he umpired in both First and Second Grade Grand Finals and a Kookaburra Cup Final.  Over the last fifteen years recipients of the award have included: Rod Donaldson, Graeme Hamley, Don Heapy, Barry Jackman (twice), Roy Loh, Allan Newman (twice), Penny Paterson, Ian Quaggin (twice), the late Bob Reid, Tim Swifte (twice), and Richard Widows. 




The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced after their Board Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa late last week that umpires officiating in international matches will no longer have the power to terminate games. Under new arrangements that take effect immedIately, any decision to end an international game will now be the responsibility of the match referee, not the on-field umpires.  Importantly the thrust of Law 21.3 (Umpires awarding a match) remains in place in cricket outside the international sphere. The ICC change is the direct result of last year's Test match between England and Pakistan at the Oval, when Pakistan were deemed to have forfeited the game after they refused to appear on the field following a ball tampering accusation.  ICC Chief Executive, Malcolm Speed, was quoted in the media as saying that "The board's decision reflects the fact that the match referee is the chief executive of the match [and is] the person who has overall responsibility for the way the game is played and officiated".  




The four Australian umpires named for games in the initial two-week, twenty-four match, 'Group Phase' of the World Cup in the West Indies from 13-25 March, will officiate in games at three separate Carribean locations - Trinidad, St Lucia and Jamaica.  Daryl Harper and Steve Davis will be based in Trinidad where India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bermuda will play their games.  Daryl will be on the field for Sri Lanka's games against Bermuda, Bangladesh (with Steve Davis) and India, work as third umpire in the India-Bermuda match, and be the fourth official in Bangladesh's games against India and Bermuda.  Steve has been named as a field umpire in Bangladesh's games against India, Sri Lanka (with Daryl Harper) and Bermuda, third umpire for India v Sri Lanka, and fourth umpire when Bermuda plays both Sri Lanka and India.  Peter Parker will be located in St Lucia where England, New Zealand, Kenya and Canada will be in action.  He will be on the field for England's games against Canada and Kenya, and Canada's match with Kenya, be third umpire for England v New Zealand and the fourth official when New Zealand faces Canada.  Simon Taufel will be involved in Group Phase games in Jamaica, where Pakistan, the West Indies, Zimbabwe and Ireland will compete.  He is listed to be on the field when Pakistan plays both the West Indies and Zimbabwe, work as third umpire when Ireland plays Pakistan and the West Indies play Zimbabwe, and be the fourth official when Ireland plays Zimbabwe then the West Indies.  Umpires for the twenty-four 'Super 8' or second-phase games, which will be played from 27 March until 21 April, will not be named until later in the tournament. 




West Indian umpire Steve Buknor will officiate in all three of Australia's 'Group Phase' games in the World Cup which start next week.  His colleagues in the matches will be Asoka de Silva of Sri Lanka for the game against Scotland, Tony Hill from New Zealand for the Netherlands match, and Mark Benson of England for the key match against South Africa.  Steve Buknor made his debut as an international umpire in 1988-89 and has officiated in 155 One Day Internationals (ODI), eleven less than Rudi Koertzen and seventeen less than David Shepherd the ODI record holder. Mark Benson debuted in 2004 and to date has stood in 40 ODIs, while Askoa de Silva who played ten Test and 28 ODIs for his country from 1985-92, has officiated in 63 ODIs since 1999.  Tony Hill started umpiring ODIs in 1998 and to date has stood in 39 such games.




Australian business-trading company Bartercard are to sponsor the England and Wales Cricket Board's (ECB) newly-formed 'Officials Association' in a three-year deal that is reported to be worth £UK100,000 ($A250,000).  According to the ECB the sponsorship will be used to "raise the standard of umpiring and scoring in the game [in England and Wales] from grass roots club level through to minor county [games]”.  The ECB's new group means that there are now three separate umpires and scorers groups in the United Kingdom competing for members.  The others are the long-established and dominant Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers (ACU&S), which last year had some 8,000 members in the UK, and a group that broke away from it recently, the Institute of of Cricket Umpires and Scorers (ICU&S). Both the ACU&S and the ICU&S are independent of the ECB. Up until 2005 the ECB supported the ACU&S with an annual grant of £UK25,000 ($A62,000) to assist with training and examining umpires and scorers.  




• Bowler's Limitation:  The maximum number of overs a bowler is allowed to bowl, which they usually exceed by bowling no-balls.

• Dismissal of Batsman:  A bowler's attempt at a dot ball which didn't go quite to plan.

• Full Toss: A yorker which has got above itself.

• Maiden Over:  Every bowler's aim.

• Man Of The Match Adjudicator:  An ex-bowler or batsman; you can determined which by whether a batsman or bowler was chosen.

• Move With The Times:  A meaningless cliche identifying the speaker as a marketing man.

• Stonewaller:  A very senior player and/or captain' s best friend.

• Point - Something Bill Lawry lacks.



E-NEWS NUMBER 13, 9 March 2007



The independent Code of Behaviour Commissioner has upheld the recent decision by the Tasmanian Cricket Association's (TCA) Grade Cricket Tribunal to suspend a player after a Second Grade match was forfeited in late February.  The Appeal by the player's club asked that the Commissioner review the severity of the Tribunal's penalty given that the player pleaded guilty, and to assess whether reporting protocols and procedures were correctly followed.  In finding that the penalty imposed was "fair and reasonable", the Commissioner stated that "the tenet of The Spirit of Cricket is that the majority of responsibility for ensuring the spirit of fair play and respect of umpiring decisions rests with the captain [and that] the Laws of Cricket charge the captain with upholding the integrity of the game".  After a detailed examination of the way both the reporting and Tribunal process was handled by the TCA, the Commissioner found no breach of procedure and that the Tribunal "was conducted in an appropriate manner".




A TCA circular sent to Grade Clubs this week pointed out that there are still players in First and Second Grade matches who are not wearing Vodafone logos on their playing shirts.  Clubs were asked to ensure that all players in those Grades have the logo's on their shirts and that stickers on stumps are placed correctly.  Umpires' Advisor Richard Widows has asked umpires to ensure that they make appropriate notes in their match reports should they notice problems in either of these areas.  Clubs requiring more logos or stickers should contact Scott Godfrey.




A second TCA circular distributed this week addresses the issue of players wearing State training gear, playing uniforms and helmets to club training, match warm-ups and/or during matches. The TCA says that players should be wearing club coloured helmets or white when involved with Grade level activities - not State uniforms.  Umpires' Advisor Richard Widows has asked umpires who observe that the TCA's requirement is not being to record the details in their match reports.




The finals of the Derwent Valley (DVA) and Tasman Associations which commenced last weekend will continue this Saturday and Sunday with TCUSA umpires officiating in most matches.  Thanks to the cancellation of TCA turf matches last Saturday, Steven John and Jamie Mitchell were able to stand in one DVA Division 1 semi final at Boyer, while Brian Muir and Steve Maxwell were at the other semi further up the valley at Gretna.  On Sunday, Brian Owens and Steve Maxwell were at Gretna for one Division 2 semi final, while Peter Pitt and Martin Betts umpired the second at Tynwald Park.  Over in the Tasman Association last weekend, Roy Loh stood in a semi final match at Dodges Ferry. The coming weekend Mark Gillard and Peter Pitt are to officiate at the DVA's Division 1 Preliminary Final between Gretna and Molesworth on Saturday, while Steve Maxwell (who will be making his third trip the Gretna in eight days), will be on the field on Sunday for the equivalent Division 2 game involving New Norfolk and Molesworth.  In the Tasman Association it's also Preliminary Final weekend and Brian Owens and David Costello will umpire at Dodges Ferry on Saturday in the game between that team and Premaydena.  The presence of TCUSA umpires at these country games is appreciated, the DVA complimenting Umpires' Advisor Richard Widows on the high standard of umpiring on view.  Good luck to all this coming week and enjoy your games.  Umpires for both DVA and Tasman one-day Grand Finals scheduled for the following weekend, will be named at next week's Training-Appointments meeting.




The Southern Tasmania Cricket League's (STCL) finals matches are scheduled to commence this coming weekend.  In the Division 1 semi finals on Saturday, St Virgil's 1 is to play Derwent 1 at Clare Street, while Wellington will face DOSA at Eady Street.  On Sunday the corresponding fixtures in Division 2 are scheduled with Derwent 2 to play South Hobart Sandy Bay at Eady Street, and St Virgil's 2 are up against Derwent 3 at Clare Street.  Saturday will see Steve Limbrick and Bruce Parker on the field at Clare Street, and Kit Williams and Martin Betts at Eady Street.  The next day Bruce will be out again, this time with Wade Stewart at Eady Street, while Martin will team with Brian Owens at Clare Street.  Good luck to all and enjoy your games. 




The TCA's Under 15 season comes to a close this coming Sunday with the completion of finals game.  The layer-cake finals, where first plays second, third plays fourth, and so on, commenced last Sunday.  Ian Quaggin and Mike Lee (see below) were appointed to the first versus second match (Glenorchy and North Hobart) at Lindisfarne, the twelfth Grand Final for Mike in sixteen seasons with the TCUSA.  David Gainsford and Wade Stewart stood in the third versus fourth match at Geilston Bay last Sunday between South Hobart Sandy Bay and Kingborough, and Michael Morely will join David for the final day on Sunday.  At Cadbury Number 1 Chris Williams and Susan Villanueva are standing in the game between fifth and sixth (New Town and Lindisfarne), and at Queens Walk Mark Wickham and Scott Harvey are on the field for the remaining match between University and Clarence.  




TCUSA President Roy Loh will be umpiring in eastern Victoria this weekend during a family-related visit to that State.  On Saturday he will be on the park for the second day of the Leongatha District Cricket Association (LDCA) match between the Fish Creek-Tarwin Lower and Loch-Poowong sides (sounds like there have been a number of club amalgamations in that area of late).  Like the TCA this is the LDCA's last weekend of home-and-a-away matches for the 2006-07 season as their Finals series start the following week.  




Long time TCUSA umpire Mike Lee, who has served the Association over sixteen seasons, has had a life time involvement with cricket, both as a player and umpire. He recalls vividly in his first game at Bowen Road School as a fifteen-year-old, smiting a final-ball six over mid-wicket to give his team victory.  That resulted in him being chaired off by team mates, although he is quick to point out that the oval was not very big!  Another early memory is taking a couple of catches in a triple hat-trick (five wickets on the trot) at the TCA ground.  As an adult, and before taking up umpiring, Mike played for South Hobart over twenty seasons, mainly in Second Grade, but also enjoyed some time in the Firsts where he bowled first change and batted in the middle order.  In later years he captained Third Grade and in the 1972-73 season took out the 'double' by winning the Association batting award with an average of forty, as well as the Ken Gorman Memorial Medal (now the Allan Newman Medal).  He recalls that in that same season the late Allan Powell, who later became one of our most revered umpires, won the bowling average.  Mike told E-News yesterday that the highlights of his time as an umpire have included his initial First Grade appointment (his colleague being Tim Swifte), when University scored 1/410 against Glenorchy at University on day one of the match.  Jamie Cox was at his majestic best and compiled 200 not out, whilst Dene Hills and Tony Daly both made it into the nineties.  One unforgettable shot from Cox struck the sightscreen at the top end on the full!  To their credit, Glenorchy battled the following week and managed over 350 in an excellent reply.  Another highlight was the "enjoyable and invaluable experience" of officiating in the Women's Under 19 Championship last January as it gave him the opportunity to stand with umpires he would not normally work with.  Over the years Mike has umpired close to 260 games, including numerous Grand Finals, and been chosen to receive the Association's Advisor's Merit award.  These days he says he usually works with new recruits to the Association's umpiring ranks and enjoys the company and challenges that affords.  After nearly two decades standing at both ends Mike knows his way around umpiring.  He has "no doubt" today's umpires are the "most competent bunch" he has seen to date, and that they contribute very well to maintaining the high standard to which the Association strives.




You are standing at the bowler's end.  The striker hits the ball which is deflected on the full off the non-striker's helmet as he is attempting evasive action to get out of the way.  The ball is then caught by a fielder without it touching the ground.  How would you answer the appeal?




• "Say, when do they begin?" - Grouch Marx, comedian, watching a match at Lord's.

• "Cricket is basically baseball on valium" - Robin Williams, actor.

• "Cricket is like sex films. They relieve frustration and tension" - Linda Lovelace, 'actress'.



E-NEWS NUMBER 14, 13 March 2007



TCUSA scorers Graeme Hamley and Janet Gainsford, who both have a long involvement with cricket, have been appointed to score at next week's Pura Cup Final.  Graeme started umpiring with the Association in 1989 and has since stood in over 170 games, seventy-six of them First Grade matches; figures that include two Grand Finals at the top level and others in Second, Third grade and other competitions.  He was TCUSA Umpire of the Year in 1995-96 and was awarded the Allen Powell trophy for services to the Association in 1998-99.  Graeme has been scoring at the First-class level for the past four seasons, including a number of One Day Internationals (ODI), and in November 2005 was in the box for the Test Match between Australia and the West Indies.  As is well-known he has also been very involved in Association administrative matters.  Prior to taking up his current Administrator's position four years ago he served seven years as President, five as Treasurer, and one year each as Vice President and Association Advisor.  Janet Gainsford commenced her scoring career in Sydney in 1989 for husband David's then Under 12 side.  After moving to Hobart in 1996 she supported junior cricket in the northern suburbs, then joined the North Hobart club for four years, scoring when the team won the TCA First grade title in her first season there.  During the following four years at Glenorchy, Janet scored for the senior side for three seasons, towards the end of that time also taking up the role in a number of Tasmanian Second XI games, and then last season in the First-class arena, including three ODIs.  She was formerly appointed to the Tasmanian First-class scoring panel this season after the retirement of Hazell Bradshaw.  Congratulations to both on their appointments and good luck for the final!




Cricket Australia yesterday appointed Bob Parry from Victoria and Rod Tucker from NSW to umpire the Pura Cup Final between Tasmania and NSW at Bellerive next week.  During the match, which will run from 19-23 March, they will be supported by Third or TV umpire Bruce Oxenford from Queensland and Tasmanian Umpires' Advisor Richard Widows who will be the Match Referee.  Bob played minor metropolitan cricket in Melbourne over a twenty-year period.  He then took up umpiring and made his First-class debut in 1998-99 before being appointed to the National Umpires Panel in 2001-02.  Bob officiated in the first of the four One Day International matches he has umpired that same season and is now an ICC International Panel Third umpire.  Rod, who next week will be standing in only his fifteenth First-class game as an umpire, is well known as a player.  He took part in 103 matches at First-class level for Tasmania and NSW before being appointed to the National Umpires Panel in May 2005.  During his high-level fifteen-year career, Rod also played for Australia 'B', a Prime Minister's XI, the Australian Capital Territory and in the Lancashire League in England.  Bruce Oxenford made his debut as a First-class umpire in 2001-02 and with the National Panel in 2003-04. He played eight First-class matches for Queensland from 1991-93 as a lower order batsman and leg break bowler.  Richard Widows commenced his umpiring career in NSW, standing there for many years.  He has been a member of the TCUSA for the past ten years and the State Director of umpiring since the 1999-2000 season.




West Indian umpire Steve Bucknor, who is standing in the World Cup finals for the fifth time, read the official's oath on behalf of all umpires and match referees during the opening ceremony of the World Cup finals held at the Trelawny Stadium in Jamacia overnight.  All sixteen umpires who will officiate in the initial phase of the competition attended last night's ceremony.  At the conclusion of the WC warm up matches in various parts of the West Indies, the sixteen took part in a two-day training and preparation workshop in Montego Bay, Jamacia, prior to the official opening. Bucknor, who turns 61 in May, has umpired 155 One Day International matches and 117 Test Matches in an international career that began eighteen years ago this month.  Steve is scheduled to stand in Australia's three games in the 'Group phase' of the World Cup which gets underway tonight Australian time.  




Tasmania's hosting of the Pura Cup Final at Bellerive has led to the Board of the Tasmanian Cricket Association delaying the TCA First Grade cricket final by one week.  Under Pura Cup Final playing conditions that match, which is listed for the period 19-23 March, could in theory conclude as late as Saturday the 24th.  The TCA First grade final was to have been played at Bellerive from 23-25 March and a clash with the First-class final is a distinct possibility, and it would have also not been possible to prepare a suitable wicket in time.  As a result the First grade final will now commence on Friday, 30 March and conclude on Sunday, 1 April.  As daylight savings will have ended by that time, playing hours will be from 10.30 to 17.30 each day.  Despite the change First Grade semi finals will be conducted as scheduled this coming weekend (see story below), and the Grand Finals for all other grades will still take place as previously scheduled on Saturday-Sunday 24-25 March.  The TCA says that players who play in First Grade semi finals will not be granted a down-grading permit to play in lower grade Grand Finals, however, players remain eligible for selection in the lower grade grand finals if they have not played 50% or more of their matches in a higher grade.




The Tasmanian Cricket Association yesterday announced grounds for its Grade semi final matches that are to be played over two days this coming weekend.  As the Pura Cup Final is to be played at Bellerive next week that ground will no longer host a First grade semi final.  At the top level the first versus fourth match between South Hobart Sandy Bay and Glenorchy will be at Queenborough, while the other game between Kingborough and Clarence is listed for Kingston Beach.  In Second grade the TCA Ground will see the first versus fourth game between South Hobart Sandy Bay and North Hobart, and New Town Oval the Clarence-Lindisfarne match.  The Third grade semi between North Hobart (first) and University (fourth) will be played at the latter's ground, while at Ferguson Park Clarence will be up against South Hobart Sandy Bay.  In the Under 17s North Hobart, who were the minor premiers, will play Lindisfarne at Lindisfarne, and South Hobart Sandy Bay will be at Glenorchy for the match against the home team.  Umpiring appointments for the matches will be announced at the TCUSA's Training-Appointments meeting tomorrow night. 




TCUSA umpire Chris Williams won a signed 2006-07 Tasmanian Tigers bat in one of a series of raffles drawn during a lunch for cricket volunteers held at Bellerive during the Tasmania-NSW match last Friday.  The lunch, which was attended by around 140 people, was arranged by the Tasmanian Cricket Association in order to acknowledge the many people who give their time to support the game of cricket.  Graeme Godfrey from the TCA emphasised in his speech how important volunteers are to the game and how much their efforts are appreciated by both the TCA and Cricket Australia.  Individuals from the eight TCA clubs, the Tasman and Derwent Valley Associations and the TCUSA were in attendance.  In addition to bat winner Chris, other TCUSA members who were there included David Gainsford, Steven John, Steve Maxwell, Jamie Mitchell, Penny Paterson, Ian Quaggin and Alistair Scott.   




A reminder the that final Training-Appointments meeting for the season will be held on Wednesday, 14 March.  Following the meeting pizzas and other mouth-watering nibbles and drinks will be provided by the Social Committee (Penny Paterson and Alistair Scott) to help celebrate the achievements of the season.




Another reminder that the Association's Annual Dinner will be held in the Century Room at Bellerive on Wednesday, 28 March.  This year's function will be a 'sit down' meal consisting of an entree, a choice of one of two main courses, sweets and coffee.  Cost for the evening is just $40, which includes all drinks, as the Association will be providing a substantial subsidy to cover overall costs.  During the evening presentations will be made to umpires who officiated in Grand Finals and the Kookaburra Cup state final, to the best first year scorer and umpire, the most dedicated umpire, the and the most improved scorer and umpire.  In addition the Advisor's merit award, the Alan Powell Trophy for service to the Association, and umpire of the year award, will also be presented.   Those planning to attend the dinner are requested to return the form provided at the last Training-Appointments meeting to Graeme Hamley by Friday, 23 March at the latest.




"I don't know what they are doing, but whatever they are doing, they sure are doing it well" - Pete Sampras watching Lara and Ambrose at Lord's.



E-NEWS NUMBER 15, 15 March 2007



Finals time starts for the Tasmanian Cricket Association this weekend with semi final matches being played in all four Grades, and sixteen TCUSA umpires have been appointed to the eight matches scheduled for Saturday-Sunday.  In First Grade Brian Muir and Sam Nogajski are to stand in the South Hobart Sandy Bay game at Queenborough, while Steven John and Wade Stewart will be at Kingston for the match between Kingborough and Clarence.  The TCA Ground will host the Second Grade semi between South Hobart Sandy Bay and North Hobart and Ken McGinniss and Jamie Mitchell will be standing there, while Steve Maxwell and Greg Luck have the other game between Clarence and Lindisfarne at New Town.  In Third Grade Nick McGann and Alistair Scott will be at University for the match between that side and North Hobart, while Ian Quaggin and Chris Williams will stand at Ferguson Park in the game between Clarence and South Hobart Sandy Bay.  In the Under 17s those old stagers Don Heapy and Brian Pollard will look after the game at Lindisfarne between the home side and North Hobart, and Mark Gilliard and Steve Limbrick will be at KGV for the Glenorchy, South Hobart Sandy Bay game.  Congratulations to all involved and may all your decisions be clean bowled.  Good luck!




Umpires who are to stand in a total of five Grand Finals in the STCL, Derwent Valley and Tasman competitions were named at the last Training-Appointments meeting of the season last night.  Travelling up the Derwent Valley on Saturday for the A Division final at Boyer between Gretna and New Norfolk will be David Gainsford and Steve Gibson, while on Sunday Mark Wickham and Kit Williams are to stand at Gretna in the B Division  game between New Norfolk and Ouse.  Roh Loh and Michael Morley will motor in the opposite direction to Dunalley on Saturday for the Tasman Grand Final between the home side and Dodges Ferry.  In the Hobart area on Saturday Bruce Parker, Peter Pitt, Ray Howe and Martin Betts will be standing in the STCL's A and B Division Grand Finals.  Bruce and Peter will be at Clare Street for the A Division game between Wellington and St Virgils 1, while Ray and Martin are bound for Eady Street where Derwent 2 and St Virgils' second side will meet.  Congratulations to all on their appointments and good luck for their final games of the season!




TCUSA umpires are to stand in the seven-match cricket competition of the twenty-fifth Australian Tax Office (ATO) games which will be played at the New Town and Clare Street ovals next week.  A thirty over format will be used for the games which are scheduled to run from 1-5 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  All-up some 700 people, around 100 of them from Tasmania, will take part in a variety of sports during the week of competition.  In addition to cricket, teams from every State and the ACT will represent their region in basketball, beach volley ball, darts, hockey, indoor cricket, lawn bowls, netball, snooker, soccer, squash, table tennis, tennis, and touch football.  ATO spokesman Andrew Holloway told E-News yesterday that it is hoped that David Boon will, despite the Pura Cup Final being played concurrently, be able to present the cricket trophy to the winning side after the final on the Friday.  The games, which commenced in 1948, are normally held every two-and-half years. Umpires who have indicated they are available to stand in matches will be advised directly by Graeme Hamley of appointments shortly. 




A reminder that the Association's Annual Dinner will be held in the Century Room at Bellerive on Wednesday, 28 March.  This year's function will be a 'sit down' meal consisting of an entree, a choice of one of two main courses, sweets and coffee.  Cost for the evening is just $40, which includes all drinks, as the Association will be providing a substantial subsidy to cover overall costs.  During the evening presentations will be made to umpires who officiated in Grand Finals and the Kookaburra Cup state final, to the best first year scorer and umpire, the most dedicated umpire, the and the most improved scorer and umpire.  In addition the Advisor's merit award, the Alan Powell Trophy for service to the Association, and umpire of the year award, will also be presented.   Those planning to attend the dinner are requested to return the form provided to them to Graeme Hamley by Friday, 23 March.



E-NEWS NUMBER 16, 18 March 2007



Three Australian umpires were involved in the two World Cup upsets in the Carribean overnight.  Steve Davis was on the field with Aleem Dar when Bangledesh defeated India, while Daryl Harper was the fourth official for the game in Trinidad.  Over in Jamacia at the other end of the West Indies, Simon Taufel was the Third umpire when Ireland celebrated St Patrick's Day in style by knocking Pakistan out of World Cup contention.




Daryl Harper was named as the recipient of Cricket Australia's (CA) Umpire Award for the 2006-07 season at a ceremony at Bellerive last Friday.  CA says that Harper, who is currently in the West Indies for the World Cup (see story below), won the award for "his exceptional season at both the international and domestic level".  A highlight this season was obviously being selected to umpire in the World Cup, but before that he acted as the tournament referee and umpire coach in the 'Top End Series' in Darwin last winter which involved the 'A' sides from Australia, New Zealand, India and Pakistan.  Daryl also umpired in the Tri-nation tournament involving Australia, New Zealand and England over summer, during that time standing in his 132nd One Day International (ODI), thus surpassing Darrell Hair's Australian record.  Currently Daryl now has 135 ODIs under his belt which puts him fourth on the ODI list behind Steve Bucknor (154), Rudi Koertzen (166) and David Shephard (172).  In addition to ODIs, Daryl stood in his sixty-third Test Match when he officiated in the game between South Africa and India in Cape Town in January. Despite CA's comment Daryl appears to have had a relatively quiet time umpiring in the high-level domestic sphere of the game this season.  He stood in two Ford Ranger Cup matches (one of them being the Final), officiated along with TCUSA umpire Steve Maxwell and others in the Imparja Cup in Alice Springs in February, but did not make an appearance in any of the thirty-one Pura Cup matches played.  Simon Taufel, Harper's Australian colleague on the Emirites Elite Panel of international umpires, was named Official of the Year at the Australian Sports Awards in Melbourne late last month (E-News Number 8 of 22 February).  




Pura Cup Final Umpires Bob Parry and Rod Tucker are two of a total of fourteen officials who were appointed to fill the sixty-two on-field positions that were available in this season's Pura Cup series.  Of the thirty-one matches Parry (Victoria) and Tucker (NSW) will have been on the field in seven games each; umpires Ian Lock (WA), Bruce Oxenford (Queensland), and Paul Reiffel (Victoria) six; John Ward (Victoria) and David Orchard (Queensland) five; Jeff Brookes (WA), Steve Davis (SA), and Peter Parker (Queensland) four; Tim Laycock (Queensland) and Simon Fry (SA) three; and Andy Collins (SA) and Tony Ward (Victoria) one each. In State terms Victorians received nineteen appointments (four umpires), Queensland eighteen (four), WA ten (two), SA eight (three) and NSW seven (one).  In the Ford Ranger one day series a total of twenty-two umpires were chosen for the thirty-one games played, Rod Tucker and David Orchard topping that list with five games a piece.  TCUSA member Brian Muir stood in two of the one dayers and acted as Third or TV umpire in another two, while Greg Luck another member of the Association was Third umpire for one match.  Of the fourteen Cricket Australia Cup matches played during the season two were staged in Hobart, Greg and TCUSA umpire Steven John standing in both those games.  Brian and Greg were also appointed for two matches in the KFC 20Twenty Big Bash series, however, unfortunately one of those games had to be abandoned without a ball being bowled. 




TCUSA umpire Steven John is to act as the "unofficial honorary" Fourth official for the five-day Pura Cup Final this week.  That opportunity is being provided as part of the new approach approved by Cricket Australia late last month that aims to provide aspiring umpires with the chance to gain experience at higher levels of the game (see E-News Number 9 of 25 February).  A similar opportunity was provided last Thursday for senior umpires to attend a talk given at Bellerive to Tasmanian Tiger personnel and club coaches by Tim Neilson, the next coach of the Australian cricket side.  Steven, who attended Tim's talk, will provide support during the Pura Cup Final to on-field umpires Bob Parry and Rod Tucker, Third or TV umpire Bruce Oxenford, and match referee Richard Widows. Similar opportunities are expected to be available to other aspiring umpires during the 2007-08 season.




International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Speed last week called on all players in the World Cup to uphold the 'Spirit of Cricket' so as to ensure that the tournament, which he regards as "the game's biggest shop window", is remembered for all the right reasons.  Speed was quoted in an ICC media release as saying that “my one wish for the World Cup is that the players once again show that even though the game is now highly professional, the 'Spirit of Cricket' that runs through the history of our great sport still runs deep".  He continued by saying that “the Spirit is enshrined in the preamble to the Laws [and that it] states the need for respect for opponents, team mates, the role of the umpires and the game’s long-held values of honesty, fair play and sportsmanship".  In order to underline his message, Speed pointed out that during the Champions Trophy in India late last year, the ICC "recruited some of the world’s leading players including Rahul Dravid, Brian Lara, Shaun Pollock, Shane Bond and Brett Lee to reinforce that message".  The ICC Chief Executive said that "the players, whether they like it or not, are role models for the people who watch the game and whatever they do is likely to be copied many times over on the playing fields and school yards by youngsters who regard them as their heroes".  In Speed's view, the fact that there was only "one Code of Conduct breach by a player" during the Champions Trophy last year, has led to that tournament "[being remembered] for the on-field action for all the right reasons".




A month before Malcolm Speed made his comments about the 'Spirit of Cricket, TCUSA Umpire Sonny Azzopardi suggested at a Training-Appointments meeting that TCA Captains be asked to formally sign off on 'Spirit of Cricket' and related matters prior to taking up their appointments next season.  As a result work commenced within the TCUSA to develop a concept whose aim is to try and ensure that Captains are appropriately informed of their responsibilities under the Laws of Cricket, and that Clubs are aware and accountable for the people they appointed to those key leadership positions.  Such an approach should enable the four people running each TCA game, the umpires and captains, to work together from a shared understanding of what is required out on the field of play.  Currently a small group of TCUSA members is evaluating the code of conduct document the Australian Test side developed and endorsed when 'Spirit of Cricket' issues were made a priority by Cricket Australia's Chief Executive James Sutherland in 2003.  If a workable system can be formulated it would then be forwarded to the TCA Board for their consideration.




Cricket Australia Umpire of the Year Darryl Harper (see preceding story), last week provided the International Cricket Council's 'Media Notes' publication with his thoughts on preparing for the World Cup in the West Indies.  The following is a summary of what he had to say.  While players have battled to be selected in the final fifteen of their squad, we umpires have similarly used every opportunity in international matches over the past four years to impress the selectors and earn a place on what is the World Cup's seventeenth team. Each member of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires has their own training and development program designed to meet their specific needs. This has helped us to prepare in the best possible way for the tournament. Once in the Caribbean, my colleagues and I spent time in the nets reinforcing these routines, observing bowling styles, and acclimatising to the particular characteristics of the region.  For example, having umpired in the recent Tri-nation Series in Australia, I wouldn’t expect the ball to bounce in Antigua as it does in Adelaide, or for it to seam as much in Bridgetown as it does in Brisbane. Just as the sixteen teams spent time together ahead of the World Cup, the team of umpires and match referees met for two days in Montego Bay, Jamacia, to ensure that the Laws and playing conditions are applied as consistently as possible in every situation that arises across the event. These gatherings, as well as interaction at bi-lateral series throughout the cricketing calendar, allow us to share and learn from each others’ experiences. So while the players may recall brilliant catches, sparkling cameos with the bat or unplayable Yorkers, we umpires recall an edge we didn’t hear or an LBW that Hawk-eye had bouncing over middle stump like a tennis ball. For those who are passionate about cricket, to appear at the World Cup is the realisation of years of hard work, dedication and commitment to the sport. And though the captains of the sixteen teams will dream of lifting the trophy on 28 April, for umpires and match referees our aim will be to perform as well as we can and to oversee as many matches as possible. 




• Cricket is battle and service and sport and art -- Douglas Jardine, captain of England 1931-34.

• It is not true that the English invented cricket as a way of making all other human endeavours look interesting and lively; that was merely an unintended side effect. I don't wish to denigrate a sport that is enjoyed by millions, some of them awake and facing the right way, but it is an odd game -- Bill Bryson writing in "Down Under"



E-NEWS NUMBER 17, 20 March 2007



Barry Hitchin, a dedicated servant to cricket umpiring in the State's north-west died on Sunday after a long illness.  Barry, who was born in England, lived on the north-west coast for all but four of his fifty-eight years, and was the Secretary of the North West Tasmania Cricket Umpires Association (NWTCUA) for ten years prior to the current season.  He played country cricket as an all-rounder in the Wynyard, Savage River area for many years, before taking up umpiring in 1983.  Barry stood in games in the north-west for twenty-three straight years until had had to stop due to ill health midway through the 2005-06 season.  Former NWTCUA Umpires Advisor Lance Cox told E-News today that Barry attended very State umpires seminar held since 1983 and never failed to make a valuable contribution.  Barry's funeral will be held this coming Friday at the Pine Grove Chapel, Steele Street, Devonport commencing at 11.00 a.m.  State Umpires Advisor Richard Widows has asked that umpires standing in finals matches this weekend wear a black armband as "a show of respect for a colleague we shall continue to hold in the highest regard".  Vale and thank you to Barry Hitchin.



E-NEWS NUMBER 18, 21 March 2007



The eight umpires who will stand in the four Grand Finals of this season's Tasmanian Cricket Association's (TCA) Grade competition over the next two weekends will be named at the TCA's Annual Medal Dinner at Bellerive tonight.  In addition, the two First Grade umpires who are part of the TCA's First Grade Team of the year will also be announced.  Umpires for the Grade Team of the Year are selected by the eight TCA clubs.  Each club nominates its preferred team and two umpires, and players and umpires with the highest votes are then selected.




Six umpires have been named to officiate at the Northern Tasmania Cricket Association's (NTCA) three Grand Final matches which are to commence this Saturday.  Chris Fox and Tony Goodwin will each be standing in their first First grade final in the match between Launceston and Mowbray over the four days of the next two weekends at the NTCA Ground.  Chris, who was named NTCA 'Umpire of the Year' in both 2006 and 2007, has been umpiring for the Association over the last three seasons.  Tony has umpired in the NTCA for seven seasons and was Second grade 'Umpire of the Year'  in both 2005 and 2006.  Phil Gilchrist and Mark Burr have been appointed to the four day Second grade game between Launceston and Mowbray at the NTCA's Number 2 ground.  Both are what NTCUSA Umpires Advisor Paul Clark describes as "our fly in umpires" for they both reside in Devonport and travel east each weekend for matches in the Launceston area.  This is Phil's third season with the NTCUSA and he is a previous 'Umpire of the Year' and First Grade Grand final appointee.  Mark is in his first season and Paul told E-News that he "has done a terrific job to get a Second grade grand final".  In Third grade Caroline McGregor and Grant Wykes will officiate in the game between George Town and Mowbray Gold at Invermay Park.  Interestingly, that final is being played as the best of three one day games, the first two on the next two Saturdays, with the third on Sunday, 1 April, if needed.  Caroline, who umpired in the National Under 19 Women's tournament in Hobart in January (E-News 7, 22 February), is in her second year as as umpire. The match this weekend is her first in finals and Paul Clark described her progress as an umpire this year as "nothing short of remarkable" and that "it emphasises what you can do with hard work, lots of training and self assessments".  Grant is in his fourth season as an umpire but due to family committments can normally only umpire Third grade on a Sunday. He was named the NTCA 2007 Third grade 'Umpire of the Year' last week and his Grand final appointment is a "reward for his consistant umpiring this season" says Paul Clark.  Martin Jones has been appointed as an Emergency Umpire should illness or injury occur to any of those named to games.




Slow over rates cost Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq half of his match fee for last Saturday's game against Ireland when his side bowled four overs less then the number required in the time available.  International Cricket Council (ICC) match referee Chris Broad imposed the fine after taking into account factors beyond the skipper's control.  Under the ICC's 'Code of Conduct for Players and Team Officials' (see following story), a shortfall of more than two overs is classified as a 'Level two' offence.   Level two offence penalties range from a minimum fine of half of a player’s match fee, up to a full match fee fine and/or a ban of playing for one Test or two One Day International games.  Under the Code Inzamam's team mates were also fined five per cent of their match fee for every over that was late, therefore they are all twenty per cent out of pocket following the match.  No details are available as to what match fees are at this time.  Chris Broad's hearing was attended by Inzamam, Pakistan team manager Talat Ali and the four umpires on duty for the match, on-field officials Brian Jerling (South Africa) and Billy Bowden (NZ), third umpire Simon Taufel (Australia), and fourth official Ian Gould (England).  Players found guilty of a Level two, three or four offence under the Code of Conduct have a right of appeal.  Such an appeal must be lodged in writing with the ICC’s legal counsel within 24 hours of the player receiving the original verdict. 




The Northern Tasmania Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association (NTCUSA) has scheduled its Annual Dinner for Friday, 30 March at the Old Tudor Motor Inn in Prospect.  This year is the Association's 70th anniversary therefore it will be an extra special occasion and the Association has invited many former umpires to attend to celebrate.  A guest speaker is planned, there will be a cake, and no doubt when old umpires and scorers get together there will be a lot of talk and many tall tails told.  Anyone who would like to attend is asked to phone Paul Clark on 6393-7634.




Before they tuck their equipment away for another year, TCUSA members are asked to provide Umpires' Advisor Richard Widows with any thoughts or suggestions they may have about the current TCA By Laws.  The TCA will be reviewing the By Laws in May and jotting down your 'hands on' experience of the booklet before the details slip from your mind will be invaluable in improving this important document for the 2007-08 season. Thoughts and comments should be provided to Richard via e-mail at:




The International Cricket Council's (ICC) 'Code of Conduct for Players and Officials' which details how those involved in World Cup and other international matches are expected to behave, and the sanctions that are available if they do not, is available on line for those interested in such detail.  The tightly-spaced twenty-eight page document has sections dealing with rules of conduct, the range of offences and associated penalties, minimum over rate requirements, the responsibilities of match referees and disciplinary procedures.  The Code of Conduct can be down-loaded at the following URL:




Dates and general arrangements for this year's TCUSA Winter Laws School and weekend pre-season Annual Seminar are currently being reviewed.  Details will be provided via this newsletter as they become available.  




• There was a slight interruption there for athletics - Richie Benaud, referring to a streaker at Lords on BBC TV

• The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey - Brian Johnston, BBC

• And Jajeda is dijappointed...Jadeja is ji..da..I'll come again, Jajeda..okay Jadeja looks downcast - Tony Grieg on Channel 9.

• Question: "Darryl, who are your favourite actors"? Cullinan: "Dustin Hoffman and some Aussie bowlers in the act of appealing".

• Question: "What's your favourite animal Steve"?  Steve Waugh: "Merv Hughes".



E-NEWS NUMBER 19, 22 March 2007



Steve Maxwell and Sam Nogajski were honoured last night when they were named as the two umpires in this season's 'Grade Team of the Year' at the Tasmanian Cricket Association's (TCA) Annual Medal dinner at the Bellerive Oval.  The pair were chosen following a vote by the eight TCA clubs on the officials they perceive as having best handled the management of all facets of the umpires role in First Grade games this season.  Sam's choice came on the same night he was appointed to stand in the Second Grade Grand Final after a season umpiring at the highest levels of the game within Tasmania (see story below).  For Steve it was a busy season during which he stood in 11 First Grade games, in the Jamie Cox Plate, the TCA's Twenty20 series, the Women's Under 19 National Championships, an inter-association match between the Huon-Channel and Southern Cricket Associations, at Second and Third grade levels, and in the Independent Schools, STCL and Derwent Valley competitions.  This was Steve's eighth season with the TCUSA, a time during which he has umpired over 150 games, more than half of them at First Grade level.  In that time Steve has stood in both First and Second Grade Grand Finals, twice in a Third Grade Grand Final, in the Under 17s, and in the final of the local Twenty20 series.  He was chosen as the TCUSA's 'Most Improved Umpire' in 2000-01, and as both the 'Most Dedicated Umpire' and 'Umpire of the Year' in 2003-04.




Steven John and Wade Stewart are to umpire the TCA's First grade Grand Final between Kingborough and South Hobart Sandy Bay next week.  The announcement, which was made in front of several hundred people at last night's TCA Medal Dinner, brings together again two men who have previously worked together this season in the final of the intra-state Jamie Cox Plate, the local Twenty20 final, several Grade matches, and in a First grade semi final.  They bring to the Grand Final ten years of umpiring experience with the TCUSA, a time during which between them they have overseen close to 200 games, around 80 of them at the First grade level.  Steven will stand in the final at the end of only his second season in First Grade and his fourth overall with the Association.  His appointment caps a stellar year in which he umpired twelve First Grade games, in the Jamie Cox Plate and local Twenty20 competitions, seven matches in the Under 19 Men's National Championships in Adelaide (E-News 4, 5 January), four Women's Under 19 National Championship games, two Cricket Australia Cup games involving State Second XIs, and as the Fourth official in the Pura Cup final (E-News 16, 18 March).  Steven also stood in and an inter-association match between southern Associations and in the Derwent Valley.  Wade, who is in his sixth season with the TCUSA and his fourth at First Grade level, also had a solid season.  He umpired in twelve First Grade matches, Jamie Cox Plate and TCA Twenty20 games, a Kookuburra Cup semi final, Under 17 home-and-away games, and in the Derwent Valley.  Both Wade and Steven have previously umpired in Grand finals.  The stood together in last season's Second Grade Grand final, and before that Wade in Under 17, Oatlands and STCL finals, and Steven in the Oatlands Association.  Wade was selected as the Association's 'Best First Year Umpire' in 2001-02 and awarded the 'Advisor's Merit Award' the following season, while Steven was 'Umpire of the Year' last year.   Robert Godfrey will score for Kingborough during the match, while Darby Munroe and Janet Gainsford will record proceedings for South Hobart Sandy Bay.  This season's First grade final will be played at Bellerive over three days commencing on Friday, 30 March (E-News 14, 13 March 2007).




This weekend's TCA Second grade Grand final between Clarence and North Hobart will be umpired by Brian Muir and Sam Nogajski.  Brian is a Cricket Australia contracted umpire who started umpiring in the north of the State and stood in his first game in the TCA in 2001-02.  Before the start of this season Brian had umpired in 42 TCA games, 25 of them at First grade level; including last season's First Grade Grand Final and the Second's Grand Final the year before that.  This season he has stood in 12 First grade matches, the local Twenty20 competition, the Kookaburra Cup final, four Women's Under 19 National Championship games, two interstate Ford Ranger Cup one day games (and a further two as Third umpire), in KFC 20Twenty Big Bash interstate games, in Under 17 matches, and the Independent Schools competition.  Sam commenced his umpiring career with the Association back in 1998-99 when he was named as the 'Best First Year Umpire', then went back to playing before resuming with the TCUSA at the start of the 2004-05 season.  Prior to this summer he had stood in a total of 52 games, 10 of them in First grade, a level to which he was appointed for the first time last season.  During the current season he officiated in seven matches in the Men's Under 17 National Championships in Brisbane, 10 TCA First grade matches, the final of the Kookaburra Cup, three Jamie Cox Plate games, a TCA Twenty20 semi final, in the Women's Under 19 National Championships, the STCL, Independent Schools, and in the Under 15s.  Des Mortimer will score in the match for North Hobart and Tony Marshall for Clarence.  The Second Grade Grand Final will be played at Lindisfarne this Saturday and Sunday.




The two 'Macs', Ken McGinniss and Nick McGann, are to stand in the TCA Third Grade Grand Final between Clarence and North Hobart over the coming weekend.  Ken is a very experienced umpire having served cricket for over 13 season with the TCUSA, clocking up over 200 games, more than half of them in First Grade.  During his career to date he has officiated at First Class level as a Cricket Australia contracted umpire, stood in two First Grade Grand Finals, six in Second Grade, three Kookuburra Cup finals and an Under 17 final.  The current season has seen him appointed to 13 First Grade matches, in the TCA's Twenty20 competition, the Women's Under 19 National Championships, and at Second, Third and Under 17 Grade level.  Nick comes to the Grand Final in only his second season as an umpire, however, before that he was for many years a First Grade player.  He made his debut as an umpire at that level last November after just a dozen games in the lower Grades.  During the current season he has officiated at First Grade level nine times, twice in the Women's Under 19 National Championship, four times in Second grade, two each at Third Grade and Under 17 levels, and in the Under 17 Youth and Under 15 competitions.  The Third Grade Grand Final will be played at the TCA Ground.




The Under 17 Grand Final this weekend will be umpired by Greg Luck and Jamie Mitchell.  Greg started his career in the Northern Tasmania Cricket Association ten years ago and was appointed by Cricket Australia as a Contracted Umpire this season.  At the interstate level he was the Third or TV umpire for one Ford Ranger Cup game, was named to two KFC 20Twenty Big Bash series matches, stood in two Cricket Australia Cup games for State Second XIs, and four matches at the Women's Under 19 Championships.  At the local level this season he stood in 12 First Grade games, in the TCA's Twenty20 competition, and at Third, Under 17 and Under 15 Grade levels.  Jamie Mitchell has had a rapid rise to the Grand Final for this is his first season with the TCUSA, however, before that he had a significant career as a player which included a tour to the sub-continent as a member of an Australian Under 19 side (E-News 7, 22 February 2007).  This season he umpired in three Women's Under 19 National Championship matches, two First Grade matches, nine Second Grade games including a semi final last week end, seven times in Third Grade, and also in the Under 17, STCL and Derwent Valley competitions.  The Third Grade Grand Final between Lindisfarne and South Hobart Sandy Bay will be played at Queenborough.




Selection of umpires for Grand Finals involve the consideration of multiple factors according to Tasmanian Umpires Advisor Richard Widows. Richard told E-News that in making selection decisions umpires are evaluated against such criteria as decision making, knowledge of the Laws and Playing Conditions, technique and field craft, teamwork and match management.  Captains reports, observers comments, self assessments, attendance at meetings, attitude, experience, potential, and personal presentation also play a significant part in considerations.  Richard said that Grade appointments, finals or otherwise, are made by a three-person selection committee which currently comprises himself as the Chairman, the TCA's Grade Cricket Manager Scott Godfrey, and senior umpire John Smeaton.  E-News understands that each member of the committee has the opportunity to present their thoughts for consideration and according to Richard "it is rare that after such discussion [that] consensus is not reached". 




A reminder that the TCUSA's Annual Dinner will be held in the Century Room at Bellerive next Wednesday evening and that bookings need to be made via Graeme Hamley by tomorrow.  This year's function will be a 'sit down' meal consisting of an entree, a choice of one of two main courses, sweets and coffee.  Cost for the evening is just $40, which includes all drinks, as the Association will be providing a substantial subsidy to cover overall costs.  During the evening presentations will be made to umpires who officiated in Grand Finals and the Kookaburra Cup state final, to the best first year scorer and umpire, the most dedicated umpire, the and the most improved scorer and umpire.  In addition the Advisor's merit award, the Alan Powell Trophy for service to the Association, and umpire of the year award, will also be presented.



E-NEWS NUMBER 20, 27 March 2007



Australian umpires Simon Taufel and Daryl Harper are among the nine on-field officials selected for the 24-game 'Super Eight' stage of the World Cup in the West Indies which starts tonight Australian time and runs until 21 April.  Simon has been appointed to stand in six games while Daryl will be on the field for five matches.  In addition Simon with be the Third or TV umpire three times and Fourth official twice, and Daryl twice and three times respectively.  The other seven umpires chosen for the Super Eight round of games are: Aleem Dar, Pakistan [5 matches]; Assad Rauf, India [5]; 'Billy' Bowden, New Zealand [6]; Steve Bucknor, West Indies [5]; Billy Doctrove, West Indies [5]; Rudi Koertzen, South Africa [6]; and Mark Benson, England [5].  They will also work as Third and Fourth officials during the next stage of the series.  Omitted from the next round of games are Australian umpires Steve Davis and Peter Parker, Brian Jerling and Ian Howell (both South Africa), Tony Hill (New Zealand), Asoka de Silva (Sri Lanka), Ian Gould (England) and Norman Malcolm (West Indies).  Steve and Peter each umpired three games in the Group Phase of World Cup matches earlier this month (E-News 12, 7 March 2007). 




South African umpire Rudi Koertzen is expected to pass David Sheppard's record for standing in One Day International (ODI) matches during the Group Phase of the World Cup which is to be played over the next four weeks.  Rudi has umpired 167 ODIs to date and his 173rd and record breaking match should be the West Indies versus England game in Barbados on 21 April.  At the end of the Group Phase, West Indian Steve Bucknor will have umpired 161 games, Daryl Harper 141, Simon Taufel 115, 'Billy' Bowden 114, Aleem Dar 86, Billy Doctrove 68, Mark Benson 46 and Asad Rauf 45. 




Five umpires are to stand in Australia's six matches in the Group Phase of the World Cup.  Aleem Dar from Pakistan will be on the field for four matches, 'Billy Bowden of New Zealand in three, Assad Rauf (India) and Rudi Koertzen (South Africa) two each, and West Indian Billy Doctrove once.  Tonight's game against the West Indies will see Aleem Dar and Assad Rauf as umpires, the game against Bangladesh Aleem Dar and Billy Bowden, and the two matches against England and Ireland Bowden and Koertzen.  When Australia plays Sri Lanka and New Zealand Aleem Dar will be on the field and he will be partnered by Billy Doctrove and Asad Rauf respectively.  Australian umpires Simon Taufel will be the Fourth official for the game against Ireland and Daryl Harper for the match against New Zealand.




Umpires and scorers who find themselves visiting Korea over the next the six months will be made very welcome by members of the Korean Cricket Association (KCA).  The Association's 2007 season commences next Sunday with matches being played on the first and third Sundays each month from April to June then from September until November after a two month break in mid-summer.  The KCA has been in existence for eight years and currently games are played at the 600 year old Sungkyunkwan University.  Six teams have registered for the league this year: 'Korea', 'Pakistan', 'ANZIKS', 'British Bulldogs', 'Sri Lanka' and 'India'.  Despite the names membership is open to all nationalities according to KCA Chairman Charlie Berkley.  A KCA team toured Japan last northern summer on a trip that was, according Korean captain Seung Young, "a resounding success for Korean cricket’’.  Despite the fact that cricket in Japan is "very well established", the team managed to beat a Japan Cricket Association side.  The KCA recently completed a strategic plan for the development of the game and Charlie Berkley is to presented it to the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the near future.  The plan aims at raising awareness of cricket and introducing it to more schools and universities. 




• Appeal - What is left in the fruit bowl after the lunch break.

• Block hole - Cured with a good Sri Lankan curry.

• Deliver - Italian body organ.

• Long Off - Boonie`s jockstrap.

• MCG - Chinese cooking ingredient.

• Non striker - Pacifist.

• Not Out - A quiet night at home.

• Play safe - To wear a condom while fielding.

• Top spinner - Shane Warne.



E-NEWS NUMBER 21, 28 March 2007



Australian umpires Simon Taufel and Daryl Harper have been appointed to stand together in the World Cup 'Super Eight' match between South Africa and Ireland early next week.  Simon's other matches during the next part of the competition are with Billy Doctrove (West Indies) when Ireland plays England, Steve Bucknor (West Indies) for the Ireland-NZ, Ireland-Bangladesh and England-Bangladesh games, and with Rudi Koertzen (South Africa) when the West Indies play England. Apart from the match with Simon, Daryl is to stand with Steve Bucknor in the South Africa v Sri Lanka match, and Mark Benson (England) for the West Indies games against both Sri Lanka and South Africa, and when the latter plays New Zealand.  Taufel and Harper will umpire in Guyana on the north-east coast of South America over the first week of matches in the 'Super Eight' stage.  After that Simon will travel to Barbados and Daryl to Grenada for the second half of the 'Super Eight' series. 




The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have finalised a settlement with Pakistan regarding the ECB's claim for compensation after the forfeiture of the Test match between the teams last year. To settle the claim Pakistan will waive their right to a fee for a Twenty20 during their tour of England in 2012.  Last August's match was deemed to have been forfeited by umpires Darrell Hair (Australia) and Billy Doctrove (West Indies) when the Pakistan players stayed in their dressing room after the tea interval on the fourth day at the Oval in protest at a five-run penalty for ball tampering. The ECB estimated they lost £800,000 ($AUS2 million) after being forced to offer ticket refunds.  They had set a deadline of 31 October last year for settling the matter but it has taken almost five months longer to reach agreement.  ECB chief executive David Collier was quoted by the media as saying that "the meetings with the Pakistan board demonstrated the desire of both [it and the ECB] to find a cricketing solution". Since the incident Darrell Hair has stood in a lower-level One Day International but not a Test, while Billy Doctrove has umpired in both forms of the game and is currently active in the World Cup (E-News Number 20, 27 March 2007).




Kingborough bowler Stuart Clark won the newly-named Emerson Rodwell medal for the best and fairest player in the TCA's 2006-07 First Grade competition announced at last week's TCA Annual Dinner.  Stuart received a total of 15 votes from umpires during the season, at the same time topping the bowling averages (see following story).  Equal second in voting were Adam Polkinghorne (SHSB) and John Dakin (North Hobart) with 13 votes a piece, followed in equal fourth place with 11 votes by Dane Anderson (Glenorchy) and Graeme Cunningham (University).  Mark Divin of Kingborough was sixth with 10 votes, then came Josh Bean (University), Shannon Tubb (Clarence) and Matthew Wade (Clarence) in equal seventh on 9 votes, while equal tenth on 8 votes were Jason Shelton (Glenorchy) and Luke Swards (Kingborough).  Clark, Polkinghorne, Divin and Swards will be in action during this weekend's First Grade Grand Final at Bellerive between Kingborough and South Hobart Sandy Bay. 




Stuart Clark of Kingborough and Dale Anderson of Glenorchy won the TCA First Grade bowling and batting averages for the 2006-07 season.  Statistics prepared for the TCA by long-time cricket tragic Bob Cotgrove show that Clark's bowling average was a very impressive 13.30.  He took a total of 27 wickets in conceding 359 runs over 144 overs, 45 of which were maidens.  Top wicket taker, and third in the overall averages in First Grade, was Josh Bean of University with 47 wickets at an average of 14.64 over 231 overs.  He was followed by Mark Divin (Kingborough) with 40 wickets (average 15.30), Shane Stewart (North Hobart) with 34 at 16.85, and Adam Polkinghorne (SHSB) with 30 scalps at 14.07, an average which was second only to Stuart Clark.  Dale Anderson of Glenorchy was well clear at the top of the batting averages with 82.8 over nine innings, the next best being Michael Dighton of North Hobart with 55.14 over the same number of times at the crease.  Adam Polkinghorne took out the best all rounder title by following up his second place in the bowling averages with third in the list of batsmen, his average being 53.9 over 11 knocks.  Graeme Cunningham of University had the highest aggregate for the season with 653 runs in 16 innings, while Polkinghorne was second with 539, followed very closely by Rhett Lockyear of University with 538.  The three highest scores made during the season were Rhett Lockyear with 155, Adam Polkinghorne 146 not out, and Clive Stockdale (New Town) 145.




Lindisfarne Captain and opening bowler Kim Dillon is the winner of the Second Grade best and fairest award for 2006-07.  Kim also took the most wickets at that level of cricket.  In equal second place on 20 votes in the tally of umpires votes were Terry Hamilton and his Captain at South Hobart Sandy Bay, Damien Green, while Scott McNaughton of Glenorchy with 19 votes was third.  Fourth spot was taken by two players who each totalled 18 votes, Andrew McKellar (Glenorchy) and Darren Smith the Clarence Captain.  Statistics compiled by Roger Woolley for the TCA show that Sam Paske of SHSB won the batting averages in Second Grade with a total of 402 runs over seven innings at 67.00. He was followed by Rod Marsland of Clarence with 279 runs at 55.80 and Stuart Steele of Lindisfarne with 358 at 51.14.   Highest aggregate for the season was Damien Green with 497 at 41.42, followed by Chris Russell of Lindisfarne with 442 runs at 34.00, and Sam Paske with 402.  The highest individual innings scored were Rod Marsland with 155 not out, Sam Paske with 147, and Brad Loveluck of Kingborough with 135.  On the bowling side Terry Hamilton was top with 30 wickets at 11.47, his team mate Mark Stewart 28 wickets at 12.93, and Scott McNaughton 35 at 13.40.  Highest wicket taker was Kim Dillon with 40, then came Scott McNaughton with 35, and Terry Hamilton's 30.  The most impressive single innings figures recorded were Ben Target (SHSB) with 7/18 against Lindisfarne, Andrew McKellar with 7/22 against Clarence and Scott McNaughton with 7/24 against New Town.  




The best and fairest player in Third Grade this season was Chris Guillane of Kingborough.  Chris polled a total of 27 votes from umpires to win the award from North Hobart players Oliver Close, Dale Porter and Peter Rasmussen who received 23, 22 and 20 votes respectively.  Peter also topped the batting averages in Third Grade with 61.86, although he was closely persued by team mate Dale with 61.14; Peter scoring 433 runs in 9 innings (two not out) and Dale 428 in 10 innings (three not out).  Both players were just beaten for the highest aggregate of the season by Chris Gillane who scored a total of 448 runs at 49.78, while the 201 scored by SHSB's Josh Taylor against Lindisfarne was the highest single innings.  Of the bowlers Adrian Richardson of Clarence won the bowling averages with a figure of just 8.93 from Jed Marek of SHSB with 10.46, and Michiel Vis of North Hobart with 11.75.  Richardson and Vis each took 28 wickets, the most of any player in Third Grade, while Jed Marek and Leith Dickens of Lindisfarne were close behind with 26.  The best figures in an innings were Adrian Richardson and Glenorchy's Andrew McDermott who each bowled their way to 5/17 during the season.  Geoff Taylor compiled Third Grade statistics for the TCA.




In the Under 17s there was a four-way tie for best and fairest this season.  Matthew Dilger (Glenorchy), Daniel Archers (North Hobart) and Tim Blackers and Robb MacMillian from South Hobart Sandy Bay each received 26 votes from the umpires.  In second place was Jan Wisniewski of Kingborough on 25, Jack Young of University was third with 24, while Joe Carroll of North Hobart and Luke Andree of Lindisfarne were equal fourth on 23.  TCA staff member Marc Thompson's statistics for the season show that Rob MacMillan topped the averages with 347 runs at 57.83 over 9 innings.  The only other batsman to have an average higher than 50 was Rob's team mate Dugal Middleton with 211 runs at 52.75, and he was followed on the list by Jan Wisneiwski of Kingborough with 45.00 (360 runs), and Matthew Dilger from Glenorchy with 42.40 (424).  The highest aggregate was compiled by Nathan Philip of Glenorchy with 471 runs.  Alex Williams (Lindisfarne) 439, Matthew Dilger 424, and Joe Carroll (North Hobart) 408, also exceeding the 400 mark.  Matthew Clark of SHSB recorded the highest individual score (171) and there were five other century makers during the season.  A SHSB player was also at the top of the bowling averages. Tim Blacker took 30 wickets at 9.20, closely followed by Marcus Taylor of North Hobart with 28 at 9.25, and Harry Allanby of Clarence with 16 wickets at 11.00.  Nathan Kerslake of Lindisfarne took the most wickets during the season (31), followed by Tim Blacker's 30 and Marcus Taylor's 28.  Taylor also recorded the best figures for an innings taking 6/16 against New Town.  




North Hobart's Adam Crowe won the Under 15 best and fairest award this year with 26 votes, from Brad Coppleman of Glenorchy (22 votes), Lucas O'Neill of Kingborough (21 votes) and Ben Read of University with 19.




North Hobart won the first versus second finals match against North Hobart earlier this month.  Mike Lee provided this report to E-News.  Minor Premiers North Hobart faced up to Glenorchy in what was expected to be a close encounter, however, it ultimately turned out to be a one-sided affair.  Ian Quaggin and Mike Lee were the appointed as the officials for the game and in a bowler-dominated first day Glenorchy could only muster 79, with Crowe taking 4/10, Galligan 2/2 and Ling 2/15.  North fared little better in reply on the first day and by stumps were a wobbly 6/53.  On day two they lost two quick wickets before number 10 Dodge joined Sweeney, who had patiently defied the odds for the entire innings to that time.  Together they added over 130 runs to completely demoralise their opponents.  When the innings finally ended at 222, Sweeney had carried his bat for 110, whilst Dodge contributed an invaluable 33.  Glenorchy’s best effort came from Wilkinson with 4/39.  Stumps were expected to be drawn with ninety minutes remaining and Glenorchy some 143 runs in arrears, but to everyone’s consternation they decided to bat out time.  They fared little better in their second innings, however, making 6/82 with Grice scoring 20 and Crowe again prominent with 2/24 while Dobosz captured 2/10.

It was a comprehensive win by the Demons with Sweeney looking to be a player with a future.  Both sides conducted themselves admirably, no decisions being queried, and as a result the game flowed along at its natural pace - an abject lesson to the Grades above them.  Overall North deserved the accolades of premiers after being front-runners all season.  Congratulations to Steve Jewell for producing such a well-tuned outfit that fully deserving of the success that came their way.  Personally, I have found that umpiring in under-age ranks over past seasons to be most enjoyable.




From the latest edition of Wisden. TV interviewer Michael Parkinson, who was in his time a very good player, recalls opening the batting in a Yorkshire league match with "Dickie" Bird who later went on to be an international umpire of some note.  The late Fred Trueman was bowling, and soon felled Bird with a blow over the heart. Having eventually raised his team-mate, Parkinson walked back past Trueman.  "How's thi mate?" the bowler inquired.  "He's on his hind legs, Mr Trueman," Parkinson said. "He'll live."  "That's all right, then," said Trueman, adding, almost as an afterthought: "But think on, you're next."



E-NEWS NUMBER 22, 29 March 2007



Sixty-two people attended last night's TCUSA Annual Dinner and Trophy Presentation Dinner in the Century Room at Bellerive Oval.  During the evening an excellent three-course meal was served and a range of awards were made to members of the Association for the 2006-07 season.  Trophies, awards and certificates presented were as follows:

  • TCUSA Umpire of the year - Steven John.

  • Alan Powell Memorial trophy for services to the Association - Martin Betts.

  • Bob Reid Memorial trophy to the most dedicated umpire -  Steve Maxwell.

  • D. W. Rogers best first year Umpire award - Jamie Mitchell.

  • Best first year Scorer - Glen Cooley

  • Most improved Umpire - Peter Pitt.

  • Most improved Scorer - John Barley.

  • Advisor's Merit award - Sonny Azzopardi.

  • Umpire rating awards:

* First Grade - John Smeaton.

* Second Grade - Jamie Mitchell.

* Third Grade - Peter Pitt.

  * Under 17s - Jamie Mitchell.

  • Grand Final Medallions: 

* First Grade - Steven John and Wade Stewart.

   * Kookaburra Cup - Brian Miur and Sam Nogajski.

   * Twenty20 Final - Ken McGinniss and Steven John.

   * Second Grade - Brian Muir and Sam Nogajski.

  * Third Grade - Ken McGinniss and Nick McGann.

  * Under 17 Grade -  Greg Luck and Jamie Mitchell.

  * Under 15 Grade -  Mike Lee and Ian Quaggin.

  * STCL 'A' Division - Bruce Parker and Peter Pitt.

   * STCL 'B' Division - Ray Howe and Martin Betts.

  * Oatlands Association - Mark Gillard and Steve Limbrick.

   * Derwent Valley 'A' Division - Mark Wickham and Kit Williams.

   * Derwent Valley 'B' Division - David Gainsford and Steve Gibson.

  * Tasman Association - Roy Loh and Michael Morely.

* Independent Schools 1st Division - Steve Maxwell and Jamie Mitchell.

  * Independent Schools 2nd Division - Ray Howe and Susan Villanueva.

  • Achievement certificate for 50 matches with the TCUSA:

* Penny Paterson.

* Brian Muir.

  • Achievement certificate for 100 matches with the TCUSA:

* Brian Owens.

* Mark Wickham.

  • Achievement certificate for 150 matches with the TCUSA:

* Steve Maxwell.

  • Achievement certificate for 250 matches with the TCUSA:

  • Mike Lee.




The TCUSA's Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 16 May.  At the meeting, which will commence at 7.30 p.m. in the Premiership Room at Bellerive Oval, will hear reports from officer bearers and see the election of members of the Management Committee for the 2007-08 season.  All members are encouraged to attend.  The normal post meeting fortifications will be available.




Before they tuck their equipment away for another year, TCUSA members are asked to provide Umpires' Advisor Richard Widows with any thoughts or suggestions they may have about the current TCA By Laws.  The TCA will be reviewing the By Laws in May and jotting down your 'hands on' experience of the booklet before the details slip from your mind will be invaluable in improving this important document for the 2007-08 season. Thoughts and comments should be provided to Richard via e-mail at:




Dates and general arrangements for this year's TCUSA Winter Laws School and weekend pre-season Annual Seminar are currently being reviewed.  Details will be provided via this newsletter as they become available. 



E-NEWS NUMBER 23, 30 March 2007



On-field officials in the World Cup will wear earpieces for the remainder of the competition to catch faint edges detected by stump microphones.  Yesterday's 'Super Eight' match between Australia and the West Indies in Antigua was the first in the tournament to utilise the technology.  On field umpires for that game were Aleem Dar (Pakistan) and Asad Rauf (India), while 'Billy' Bowden (NZ) and Rudi Koertzen (South Africa) were the Third and Fourth officials respectively.  According to David Richardson, the International Cricket Council's (ICC) General Manager Cricket, "use of this technology should ensure that our top umpires get even more decisions correct".  He continued by saying that "In many instances, if it is particularly windy or in noisy grounds, it can be extremely difficult to hear faint edges from 22 yards away" without using the microphones.  The technology has been approved by the ICC's Chief Executives Committee for use in all ICC events and, where feasible, in bilateral series.  It has previously been utilised during the ICC Champions Trophy, as well as a number of bilateral series, most notably India's tour of Pakistan in 2004.  The stump microphone technology has been provided by the Australian communications company Murray Tregonning and Associates.  They have considerable experienced in the sporting arena, for they have provided the 'MatchCom' system used successfully for several years by Rugby Union and Rugby League officials to communicate with each other during games.