February 07 (6-9)




Number 6 – 8 February 2007 [EN0030-0037]

Number 7 – 22 February 2007 [EN0038-0046]

Number 8 – 22 February 2007 [EN0047] 

Number 9 – 25 February 2007 [EN0048-0051] 


E-NEWS NUMBER 6, 8 February 2007



As per previous advice the inaugural umpire's game is to be played at Lindisfarne on Monday, 12 February commencing at 2 p.m., with change rooms being open from around 1 p.m.  The turf pitch will be the venue, however, should the weather be inclement there is the option of transferring to the artificial pitch on the adjacent oval. [The current forecast for Monday is for "a few showers" with an afternoon temperature of around 20 degrees].  Players are not required to wear spikes if they don't have them.  Participants should wear whatever is most comfortable and suitable - if they have cricket gear fine - if not they should simply do the best they can.  Those with personal cricket gear or equipment should bring it, although pads etc. will be available for those without.  If the full number of overs are bowled the game should end by 6 p.m.  At the conclusion the Lindisfarne CC will open their bar for the purchase of drinks, and the TCUSA Social Committee will provide a BBQ.  All queries about the game should be directed to Steven John on 0419-539-588. 




The game is planned as a 30/30 contest and is to be played according to the best and finest traditions of the game with exemplary behaviour in the true spirit of cricket (as one would expect from umpires!).  The emphasis will be on giving everyone a go, so anyone hoping to have a bat or a bowl should be accommodated.  Batsmen will be retired not out after thirty legal deliveries and bowlers will be allowed a maximum of 5 overs (i.e. 30 balls). Captains are required to ensure all players wishing to bowl have at least one over.  As few, if any, of the players listed below have lifted a bat in many a year, the following will apply. Batsmen dismissed in less than six balls have the option to continue with a five run penalty or to be dismissed. Batsmen who are retired may return before the end of thirty overs provided all other batsmen have been at the crease.  There will be no LBWs unless no shot is offered.  Bowlers will be allowed some tolerance on the leg side with balls passing within 6 inches of leg stump to be considered legal, otherwise one day wides will be played.  Fast short pitched bowling is to be discouraged (unless Nick McGann is batting in which case three bouncers an over are mandatory).  All balls over shoulder height are No Balls.




The two teams are as follows.  McGann's Marauders - Nick McGann (c), David Costello, Ray Howe, Roy Loh, Steve Maxwell, Jamie Mitchell, Brian Muir, Brian Owens, Ian Quaggin, Wade Stewart, Chris Williams and the 12th man Andrew John.  Nogger's Naturals, who seems to have a few 'interchange positions' listed, will be: Sam Nogajski (c), Steve Gibson, Steven John, Steve Limbrick, Greg Luck/Mark Wickham, Ken McGinniss, Mick Morely, Bruce Parket/Scott Godfrey, Peter Pitt, Susan Villanueva/Sonny Azzopardi, Martin Betts and the 12th man Nathan John.  Umpires for the match are Don Heapy and Penny Paterson, and the scorer will be David Gainsford.




Members who were awarded trophies at last year's Annual Dinner are asked to return them to Graeme Hamley at the TCUSA training meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 14 February.  The trophies are needed by then so that they can be prepared for the presentations that will be made at this year's Dinner on Wednesday, 28 March. 




Paul Reifel and David Orchard have been appointed to umpire the four-day Pura Cup game between Tasmania and Victoria which commences at Bellerive on Monday, 12 February, as well as the One Day game there the weekend after.  TCUSA umpire Brian Muir will serve as third umpire for the latter game.  Janet Gainsford and Graeme Hamley will be in the score box for both games.




The following situation arose during an Under 15 game last weekend and you may care to consider what you would have done in the circumstances?  Team A batted first and made 95, followed by Team B which declared forty runs ahead leaving Team A to bat for six overs prior to stumps.  However, Team B did not have a new ball for the second innings and decides to use the ball from Team A's first innings for those last half dozen overs.  In doing that Team B says that they will "bring a new ball" to use when the game resumes next Sunday.  Would you let them use the new ball next Sunday?  One for thought and discussion at our next Training meeting on 14 February. 




Welcome to Scott Harvey who stood in his first game as a TCUSA umpire last Sunday in the Under 15 game between University and New Town.  Scott, who is in his thirties, played cricket at school and afterwards and has kept fit in recent years by refereeing indoor soccer.  As yet he has been unable to attend a TCUSA Training meeting, however, Umpires Advisor Richard Widows has been providing him with tuition over the last few weeks.  




• This game will be over any time from now - Alan McGilvray, ABC Radio.

• Pakistan must take wickets if they are going to make big inroads into this Australian batting line-up - Max Walker, Channel 9.

• Glenn McGrath joins Craig McDermott and Paul Reifel in a three-ponged prace attack - Tim Gavel, ABC News.

• In the back of Hughes' mind must be the thought that he will dance down the piss and mitch one - Tony Greig, Channel 9.



E-NEWS NUMBER 7, 22 February 2007



Congratulations and good luck to Mark 'Oscar' Gillard and 'Big' Steve Limbrick who will officiating in the Oatlands District Cricket Association (ODCA) Grand Final between Levendale and Orford at Oatlands this coming Saturday.  Graeme Hamley's records show that over the last eighteen seasons Oscar has been appointed by the TCUSA to umpire close to 320 games, a record that includes three previous ODCA Grand Finals.  Over that time he has been awarded the Association's 'Advisor's Merit' award twice, and the 'Bob Reid Memorial, Most Dedicated Umpire' trophy once.  For Steve, who came to the TCUSA earlier this decade after long service as an umpire in the previously independent Southern Tasmania Cricket League (STCL), this will be his first ODCA Grand Final.  Despite that he is no stranger to finals matches, as he stood in the STCL 'A' Division Grand Final last season, and the final games of the STCL 'B' Division and Tasman Association seasons in the years prior to that. Steve, who has umpired over 70 matches for the TCUSA, was named at the Association's 'Most Improved Umpire' last season.  




Launceston-based umpire Caroline McGregor was interviewed about her cricket activities and future aims in the game on ABC Radio by presenter Annie Warburton on 15 February.  Caroline, who has been umpiring for several seasons, has been standing in the Northern Tasmania Cricket Association's (NTCA) First Grade matches this year, and was also chosen for the final of the NTCA's 20/20 competition between South Launceston and Launceston.  Early last month she officiated in five matches in the Women's Under 19 National Championships in Hobart, and hopes eventually to be the first of her gender to umpire in women's international matches. 




Congratulations to Jamie Mitchell who was appointed to his first TCA First Grade game last week.  Along with John Smeaton he stood in day one of the two-match at the University oval between the home side and Newtown.  And what a busy first day it was!  Jamie told E-News that bowlers from both teams found it difficult to bowl a straight ball as there was "movement both in the air and off the pitch".  That was part of the reason a total of twenty-five wickets fell for just 218 runs!  Of those twenty-five wickets, twelve were caught, seven bowled, five were LBW, and one was stumped with ten of the batsmen making ducks(!).  Jamie moved to Tasmania three years ago from Melbourne where he played over 130 First XI games in the District Competition for Hawthorn East Melbourne, Richmond and St Kilda.  In 1984 he was a member of the Victoria Under 19 side that played in the national championships in Hobart and "had a good series", including one innings of 180 on the oval at Kingston.  As a result he was chosen in the Australian Under 19 side that toured India and Sri Lanka in February of the following year.  Other members of that team included Warren Ayres, Tom Moody, Paul Reifel (who is of course now a First Class umpire), Gavin Robinson and Tasmania wicket keeper Richard Soule.  After moving to Tasmania, Jamie played for Margate in the Huon Association but last year decided to try his hand at umpiring.  He stood in a number of games in the Huon before joining the TCUSA at the start of this season.   Jamie showed some of his batting skills in the umpires' match played earlier this month (see the report on that game below).




A General Meeting of the Association will be held prior to the next Training-Appointments meeting on Wednesday, 28 February. Details will be provided of the work the Management Committee has been undertaking on your behalf, and members will have the opportunity to raise any issues they believe need consideration.  That will be the last General Meeting to be held this season, but it will NOT be the last Training-Appointments meeting - the last of the latter is scheduled for Wednesday, 14 March.  Members should also note that the Association's Annual General Meeting is to be held on Wednesday, 16 May.  The TCUSA's meeting schedule for the remainder of the season is provided at the end of this newsletter.




Bob Parry and John Ward have been appointed to umpire what will probably be the season-defining four-day Pura Cup game between Tasmania and N.S.W. which is scheduled to commence at Bellerive on Thursday, 8 March.  Janet Gainsford and Graeme Hamley will again be in the score box for the game.




The Derwent Valley Association have asked for feed-back of any kind from umpires who have officiated in their matches this season.  The DVA is very keen on receiving constructive comments, both positive and negative, that can help them improve the way their competition operates.  Please forward any comments you may have via e-mail to Umpires Advisor Richard Widows ( by the end of February.




A reminder that members who would like to attend the TCA Medal Dinner on 21 March need to submit their name to Graeme Hamley by Wednesday, 28 February.  The Association will again subsidise those Members who wish to attend but there will be, as was the case last year, a minimal cost of $12 per head.  Monies can be paid direct to Graeme or deducted from match payments.  Should there be more acceptances to attend than TCUSA table allocation allows, a ballot will be held to choose attendees.




The inaugural Umpires v Umpires match was held at Lindisfarne on Monday, 12 February.  The 30/30 match between McGann's Morons and Noggers Naturals was won by the latter with just two balls to spare.  The Morons batted first and like the Hare were off to a blistering start with a double-quick 51 from Jamie Mitchell, however, the run-rate dropped somewhat after that.  In the end they made a total of 6/202, Ray Howe contributing 28 (not out), Nick McGann 20, Extras 26(!) and there were 15 penalty runs (for batsmen who took the match By Laws option of batting a second time after they were out early in their innings). In contrast the Naturals were more like the Tortoise, accumulating their runs in steady but fairly unspectacular fashion. The Captain scored 63 not out, Michael Morely tonked 34 runs, and Martin Betts trickled a very rusty 22 (not out), the team timing their run to perfection with Mark Wickham 'cooly' hitting the winning runs with just two balls to spare.  Steve Maxwell was the pick of the Moron's bowlers with figures of 4.5-0-35-4, a performance that one local expert described in technical terms as "right hand rubbish".  Contenders for Person-of-the-Match included Jamie Mitchell, Brian Muir for his eye catching shorts (or were they his Great Grand Mother's bloomers?), Noggers for his batting and that searing bouncer to Nick McGann (as required by By Laws for the match), Susan Villanueva whose improvement in the field during the day was somewhat legendary, and Steven John who bagged three catches.  Many thanks go to Steven for organising the most enjoyable event, Scott and Graham Godfrey who were instrumental in providing the ground and club facilities at Lindisfarne, Penny Paterson (who also umpired) and Susan Villanueva for the food, Don Heapy the other umpire, and David Gainsford who was in the score box.  Training sessions for next years game will commence on the day of the match.   




• Laird has been brought in to stand in the corner of the circle - Richie Benaud, Channel 9.

• Daddy, I want to go uckies - Hamish Maxwell, 2, to his father Jim, ABC Radio.

• On the first day Logie decided to chance his arm and it came off - Trevor Bailey, BBC Radio.

• Question: Do you feel that the selectors and yourself have been vindicated by the result?  Answer: I don't think the press are vindictive. They can write what they want - Mike Gatting, UK ITV


E-NEWS NUMBER 8, 22 February 2007



Australian umpire Simon Taufel was last night named Official of the Year at the Australian Sports Awards presentation in Melbourne.  Taufel, who won the award from other stand out officials Mark Shield (soccer) and Scot Butler (basketball), said the recognition of umpires and officials was important to continue building the value of sport in the Australian culture.  “Success is never achieved on your own and in my case it is no different,” said Taufel.  “I take the opportunity to thank the New South Wales Cricket Umpires Association, Cricket Australia, my wife Helen and my three children, and the rest of my family and friends for their support and sacrifice".  “I would also like to pay tribute to the fellow umpires whom I stand with.  Without their camaraderie, teamwork and complementary skills, there is no way I could achieve what I have achieved".  “I hope that this form of recognition creates awareness that officials are an integral part of the game and encourages other members of the community to look at match officiating as a way of contributing to their chosen favourite sport.”  Regarded as the leading umpire in world cricket, Taufel’s outstanding performance in 2006 included a third-straight Umpire of the Year award presented by the International Cricket Council as voted by the 10 Test playing captains and the eight-man Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Referees.  Now in their 27th year, the Australian Sport Awards recognise Australian athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and administrators across all areas of the sports sector who have achieve outstanding success in their field during 2006.



E-NEWS NUMBER 9, 25 February 2007



Congratulations and best wishes to umpire Sam and his wife Monique Nogajski on the arrival of their son Oliver William on 15 February.  May his life be happy and peaceful and all his wickets clean bowled. 




The Board of Cricket Australia (CA) endorsed a report of a review of arrangements for the management of umpires at the national level earlier this month.  The major recommendations of the review were:  (1) CA is to reappoint a National Umpire Manager; (2) A National Panel of twelve contracted umpires will be appointed for the 2007-08 season; (3) CA is to appoint an Umpire Education and Training Officer commencing on 1 January 2008; and (4) the National Umpire Manager will be appointed as a member of the Umpire Selection Panel.




There will be one National Panel of twelve umpires who will be selected by the Umpire Selection Panel on merit and ranked at the commencement of each new contract period.  This represents no change to the current structure of the National Panel.  Each State will be required to run a State squad of emerging elite umpires.  This squad will include any National contracted umpires, as well as non-contracted umpires identified by the State as having the ability/potential to officiate at interstate level.  This arrangement will be in place of the State Panel contracted umpires (currently limited to two umpires per State) which has existed for the past four seasons.  The concept of a State squad already exists in all States, but will now incorporate a formal requirement for those in that group to be adequately prepared for the potential appointments listed below.  A limited number of these non-contracted emerging umpires will be invited to attend the Commonwealth Bank Centre of Excellence (CBCE) in Brisbane during the winter for an elite umpire program. This program will involve standing in matches during the emerging player’s tournament, some training activities at the CBCE between matches, and assessment by the Umpire Selection Panel.




The National Umpire Selection Panel will continue to appoint umpires to all matches in the following competitions:  CA appointments to international matches; tour matches involving State teams and international touring teams; Pura Cup; Ford Ranger Cup; and KFC Twenty20 Big Bash games.  Most on-field appointments for Pura Cup and Ford Ranger Cup matches will come from the National Panel, but selectors will have the discretion to appoint non-contracted umpires as: the fourth umpire in international matches; the field umpire in tour matches; and the field and TV umpire in Pura Cup, Ford Ranger Cup and KFC Twenty20 Big Bash games. Such appointments will be made by selectors in consultation with the State association concerned, and will be based on the selector's desire to see a particular umpire standing in interstate matches as well as the performance of the umpire in State appointed roles such as Centre of Excellence matches, the Cricket Australia Cup, Women's National Cricket League, Youth Championships and Grade/Premier cricket.  Any non-contracted umpire appointed to interstate matches will receive the same match fee as a contracted umpire and will be supplied with the same match-day apparel.