Getting Involved

Just how do you become involved in umpiring and scoring with the TCUSA?

Laws of Cricket instruction

A well-structured system is in place.  A series of evening lectures on the Laws, their meaning and interpretation are provided to both old and new members over the winter months each year.  Both group, and if needed, individual, training, is provided by senior umpires and scorers to prepare you for the test of your knowledge that occurs following the course. For details go to Laws and Scorer School and 'Next Meetings' for dates and timings.

Annual Seminar

After that a weekend seminar is over the first weekend of October sees the two-day at which the practical aspects of umpiring and scoring are discussed in detail. For details go to Seminar and dates and timings to Next Meetings.

At matches

When the season commences you will be ‘paired’ with experienced umpires or scorers who will help you settle into match routines and assist otherwise if needed. From time-to-time your performance will be observed by other senior personnel and feed-back provided, and you can add to that by monitoring yourself and how you think you are going (go to On-going development). In short we do our best to help you become as good as you possibly can in the aspect of the game you choose, and you are paid a fee for your time at matches.

On-going development

‘Training-Appointments' meetings are held on the Wednesday after each match (either weekly or fortnightly) through out the season.  At these members discuss issues and challenges that arose at their latest games, review aspects of the Laws of Cricket, and receive appointments for the games immediately ahead.  For dates and timings go to Next Meetings.


After all that you can choose to go further by participating in more advanced training via Cricket Australia’s Nation Umpires Accreditation Scheme.  Beyond Club level you have to be invited to take part in specialised training and development programs.

Social opportunities

It goes without saying that after the business of any of the TCUSA’s gatherings is concluded the opportunity is always there to socialise with colleagues and talk about cricket or other matters of mutual interest. Members clearly enjoy each other’s company and many good, long-term friendships are made as a result. Meetings, whether social or business, are normally held at Cricket Tasmania's Bellerive Oval Headquarters.  

Contact us if you would like to join us.