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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Keeling, AustinNew Town Cricket Club12120001
2 Freeman, Jarrod ALindisfarne Cricket Club14100000
3 Fraser, BenNorth Hobart Cricket Club1290000
4 Wakim, Charles ALindisfarne Cricket Club1490000
5 White, JackNorth Hobart Cricket Club1290001
6 Murfet, Corey JNorth Hobart Cricket Club1270002
7 Allanby, HarrisonClarence District Cricket Club1470001
8 Salpietro, DanielClarence District Cricket Club1460011
9 Jewell, CalebNorth Hobart Cricket Club660000
10 Owen, Mitchell JNew Town Cricket Club1060000
11 Wright, Macalister BLindisfarne Cricket Club1060000
12 Grubb, Nick RUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club1061200
13 Kingston, Hamish PSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club960001
14 Shelton, JasonKingborough District Cricket Club1360000
15 Barnard, MilesGreater Northern Raiders1160000
16 Truloff, Sam JUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club1260001
17 Beven, MatthewClarence District Cricket Club750001
18 Gravina, ThomasNew Town Cricket Club1050000
19 King, BrandonGreater Northern Raiders1050001
20 Nichols, HarrySouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club1150003
21 Gilbert, Kieran ALindisfarne Cricket Club1050000
22 Treanor, AlexClarence District Cricket Club1150010
23 Willis, SeanSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club1050000
24 Oakes, CalebSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club850000
25 Leon, SamUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club1040000
26 Willoughby, JordanNew Town Cricket Club1240000
27 Scrimegour, Kyle GNorth Hobart Cricket Club940000
28 Bell, GabeSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club840001
29 Rose, CliveKingborough District Cricket Club740000
30 Dilger, MatthewGlenorchy Cricket Club1140001
31 Backhouse, Mitchell LKingborough District Cricket Club1240001
32 Rogers, Thomas SNorth Hobart Cricket Club740001
33 McKiernan, MattieSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club740000
34 O'Mahony, SamuelGreater Northern Raiders740001
35 Steele, JakeKingborough District Cricket Club1330000
36 Paul, DamienClarence District Cricket Club630000
37 Faulkner, James PUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club530000
38 McGann, Thomas PLindisfarne Cricket Club830000
39 Devlin, LiamClarence District Cricket Club730000
40 Kavinda, NuwanUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club1230000
41 Denehey, MaxSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club430000
42 Raja, FarzanGlenorchy Cricket Club830000
43 Bowen, JamesGlenorchy Cricket Club1230001
44 Thompson, WilliamSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club830000
45 Wood, OliverGreater Northern Raiders830000
46 Borsboom, LachlanClarence District Cricket Club1230010
47 Oates, KeeganLindisfarne Cricket Club1430002
48 Paraam, Anish EGreater Northern Raiders730000
49 Bilson, JackUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club430000
50 Kuepper, CaedenceSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club830001
51 Moody, DavidGlenorchy Cricket Club420001
52 Chapman, JonathonGreater Northern Raiders620000
53 Workman, CaidenClarence District Cricket Club520000
54 May, Riley DNorth Hobart Cricket Club820000
55 Neil-Smith, LawrenceClarence District Cricket Club1020000
56 Waddington, Declan JLindisfarne Cricket Club1020010
57 Sandhu, Gurinder SKingborough District Cricket Club620000
58 Ellis, NathanLindisfarne Cricket Club820010
59 Carlisle, Iain JNorth Hobart Cricket Club720000
60 Wisniewski, KyleSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club720000
61 Spotswood, TimGlenorchy Cricket Club520000
62 Rainbird, SamClarence District Cricket Club1220000
63 van de Werken, Noah MUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club920000
64 Absolom, NedClarence District Cricket Club720010
65 Hay, DylanKingborough District Cricket Club1320001
66 Walter, Cameron MKingborough District Cricket Club720001
67 Freeman, Jack LUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club720001
68 Afzal, Muhammad UGlenorchy Cricket Club920000
69 Davis, NicholasNorth Hobart Cricket Club820001
70 Mahla, Manpreet SinghGlenorchy Cricket Club620000
71 Keep, TrentKingborough District Cricket Club1322000
72 Pyecroft, AlexNorth Hobart Cricket Club920000
73 Martyn, ThomasKingborough District Cricket Club1320001
74 Bailey, George JSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club320000
75 Taylor, AlistairGreater Northern Raiders524100
76 Vincent, AlexKingborough District Cricket Club1020001
77 Williams, JakeGreater Northern Raiders1320000
78 Webster, Beau JKingborough District Cricket Club420000
79 Dilger, RichardGlenorchy Cricket Club110000
80 Chapman, Daniel LLindisfarne Cricket Club1310003
81 Randall, JoeNew Town Cricket Club1010000
82 Kenzie, BaileyUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club610000
83 Elliston-Buckley, SamuelGreater Northern Raiders814000
84 Rauf, HarisGlenorchy Cricket Club310000
85 Paine, TimothyUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club210000
86 Lewis-Johnson, SamuelNorth Hobart Cricket Club610000
87 Mayne, BlakeGlenorchy Cricket Club110000
88 Kealy, AndrewUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club1210001
89 Wright, SamNew Town Cricket Club811000
90 Wild, StevenClarence District Cricket Club510000
91 Artis, SamuelGreater Northern Raiders410001
92 Ahmad, QaisNew Town Cricket Club210000
93 Dyson, MathewNew Town Cricket Club410000
94 Matthews, NathanGlenorchy Cricket Club1210000
95 Backhouse, RileyKingborough District Cricket Club410001
96 Thomas, HarrisonNew Town Cricket Club510000
97 Short, D'ArcyClarence District Cricket Club210001
98 Palmer, SimonGlenorchy Cricket Club412000
99 Holland, ShaneKingborough District Cricket Club310000
100 Lees, Ryan AUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club210000
101 Marr, Anthony PLindisfarne Cricket Club1010000
102 Hortle, James AUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club310000
103 Hayes, BrodieGreater Northern Raiders710000
104 Anthes, CooperGreater Northern Raiders610000
105 Di Venuto, Jack WUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club11115001
106 Bevilaqua, Alex ALindisfarne Cricket Club1310000
107 West, DeclanKingborough District Cricket Club910000
108 Meredith, DanielClarence District Cricket Club210001
109 Doran, Jake RNorth Hobart Cricket Club711101
110 Newland, LachlanGreater Northern Raiders610000
111 Galeotti, JustinClarence District Cricket Club210000
112 Irvine, WadeClarence District Cricket Club1110000
113 Doolan, Alexander JSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club110000
114 Cannon, TimSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club110000
115 Horne, JylesGlenorchy Cricket Club1110000
116 Gunson, JakUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club310000
117 Cassidy, BlakeGreater Northern Raiders210000
118 Rawlings, DominicUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club410000
119 Denby, AlistairNew Town Cricket Club610000
120 Towns, ZacharyGlenorchy Cricket Club810000
121 Freestone, JoshGreater Northern Raiders110000
122 Kessell, Jack MNew Town Cricket Club510000
123 Spinks, BenGreater Northern Raiders710000
124 Hayes, SpencerGreater Northern Raiders410000
125 Williams, HughNew Town Cricket Club910000
126 Butt, UmairGlenorchy Cricket Club1210000
127 Eastoe, CharlesGlenorchy Cricket Club910000
128 Kahatapitikankanamalage, ChrisenthusNew Town Cricket Club110000
129 Meredith, RileyClarence District Cricket Club200000
130 Silk, Jordan CNorth Hobart Cricket Club200000
131 Applebee, KadeNorth Hobart Cricket Club700000
132 Willoughby, Tom WSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club500010
133 Flanagan, MichaelSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club100000
134 Mupariwa, TawandaNew Town Cricket Club700000
135 Kerr, Gordon SUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club100000
136 Milenko, SimonSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club500000
137 Hine, KaydenSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club9010010
138 Logan, Joel JUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club200000
139 Willmott, TylerNew Town Cricket Club100000
140 Rohrer, Ben JClarence District Cricket Club400000
141 Martyn, SamuelKingborough District Cricket Club500000
142 Bourke, JamesLindisfarne Cricket Club000000
143 Young, JacksonGreater Northern Raiders100000
144 Vince, JaydenNew Town Cricket Club100000
145 McConnell, Matthew LSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club200000
146 Beattie, James SGreater Northern Raiders900001
147 Kopper, BrandonGlenorchy Cricket Club100000
148 Jones, MichaelClarence District Cricket Club14012400
149 Dunk, Ben RSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club205000
150 Jennings, JamesGreater Northern Raiders100000
151 Dixon, Jake RGreater Northern Raiders600000
152 Tollard-Williams, Liam GNew Town Cricket Club402000
153 Keeling, FletcherNew Town Cricket Club200000
154 Graham-Daft, Ryan WGlenorchy Cricket Club907300
155 Rawlings, DominicNorth Hobart Cricket Club100000
156 Wright, Hunter DouglasNew Town Cricket Club100000
157 Watts, JonaGreater Northern Raiders100000
158 Wegman, NathanNew Town Cricket Club100000
159 McDermott, Benjamin RLindisfarne Cricket Club301000
160 Collins, WilliamNorth Hobart Cricket Club600001
161 Conway, EthanGreater Northern Raiders100000
162 Adams, ZacharyKingborough District Cricket Club11013100
163 Swain, JacksonUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club100000
164 Macmillan, RobbNorth Hobart Cricket Club800001
165 Le Rossignol, TrentGlenorchy Cricket Club500000
166 Geeves, BrettGlenorchy Cricket Club100000
167 Khadka, SagarUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club400000
168 Janoti, DeepakGlenorchy Cricket Club100000
169 Hansen, Carter BUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club100000
170 Drury, LewisNorth Hobart Cricket Club609000
171 Ryan, Liam CGreater Northern Raiders100000
172 O'Brien, ConnorKingborough District Cricket Club100000
173 Wilkie, Matthew JLindisfarne Cricket Club1300000
174 Underhill, Sam PLindisfarne Cricket Club12016200
175 Grubb, JacksonLindisfarne Cricket Club300000
176 Salter, IsaacClarence District Cricket Club500000
177 Brown, SebastianUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club100000
178 Borsboom, RyanClarence District Cricket Club400000
179 Brazendale, Mark GSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club200000
180 Phair, ZacUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club500000
181 Millhouse, TrentNew Town Cricket Club100000
182 Bowerman, JackSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club100000
183 French, Rhys AGreater Northern Raiders1102000
184 Mupariwa, Tafara RNew Town Cricket Club801100
185 Kopper, NathanGlenorchy Cricket Club000000
186 Pybus, ThomasNew Town Cricket Club1200001
187 Wray, OliverLindisfarne Cricket Club102000
188 Clark, MatthewSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club700000
189 Christian, WilliamSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club200000
190 Alomes, BryceLindisfarne Cricket Club200000
191 Brown, ChrisUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club500000
192 Waight, BlakeNorth Hobart Cricket Club203100
193 Bhattarai, AmritUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club100000
194 Batchelor, LloydNorth Hobart Cricket Club      
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.