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Match Format 

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1 White, JackNorth Hobart Cricket Club660001
2 Allanby, HarrisonClarence District Cricket Club760001
3 Keeling, AustinNew Town Cricket Club660000
4 Jewell, CalebNorth Hobart Cricket Club450000
5 Gilbert, Kieran ALindisfarne Cricket Club750000
6 Freeman, Jarrod ALindisfarne Cricket Club750000
7 Wright, Macalister BLindisfarne Cricket Club650000
8 Shelton, JasonKingborough District Cricket Club750000
9 Rose, CliveKingborough District Cricket Club640000
10 Oakes, CalebSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club340000
11 King, BrandonGreater Northern Raiders640001
12 Willis, SeanSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club440000
13 Steele, JakeKingborough District Cricket Club730000
14 Owen, Mitchell JNew Town Cricket Club530000
15 Nichols, HarrySouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club530002
16 Wakim, Charles ALindisfarne Cricket Club730000
17 Truloff, Sam JUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club630000
18 Scrimegour, Kyle GNorth Hobart Cricket Club530000
19 Devlin, LiamClarence District Cricket Club730000
20 Grubb, Nick RUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club430000
21 Fraser, BenNorth Hobart Cricket Club630000
22 Murfet, Corey JNorth Hobart Cricket Club630001
23 May, Riley DNorth Hobart Cricket Club320000
24 Beven, MatthewClarence District Cricket Club320001
25 Spotswood, TimGlenorchy Cricket Club520000
26 Denehey, MaxSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club220000
27 Raja, FarzanGlenorchy Cricket Club420000
28 Treanor, AlexClarence District Cricket Club620000
29 Dilger, MatthewGlenorchy Cricket Club620000
30 Webster, Beau JKingborough District Cricket Club420000
31 Bilson, JackUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club320000
32 O'Mahony, SamuelGreater Northern Raiders420001
33 Backhouse, Mitchell LKingborough District Cricket Club720001
34 Kingston, Hamish PSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club320001
35 Mahla, Manpreet SinghGlenorchy Cricket Club320000
36 Sandhu, Gurinder SKingborough District Cricket Club620000
37 Ellis, NathanLindisfarne Cricket Club720010
38 Kavinda, NuwanUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club620000
39 Wisniewski, KyleSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club420000
40 Salpietro, DanielClarence District Cricket Club720000
41 Leon, SamUniversity of Tasmania Cricket Club620000
42 Chapman, JonathonGreater Northern Raiders520000
43 Workman, CaidenClarence District Cricket Club520000
44 Wood, OliverGreater Northern Raiders420000
45 Taylor, AlistairGreater Northern Raiders424000
46 Vincent, AlexKingborough District Cricket Club620000
47 Borsboom, LachlanClarence District Cricket Club620000
48 Oates, KeeganLindisfarne Cricket Club720000
49 Williams, JakeGreater Northern Raiders720000
50 McKiernan, MattieSouth Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club420000
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Total Records: 165   Page: 1 of 4   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4]>Next


MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.